Best Exercises For Lifting The Butt

Are you self conscious about your THIGHS & BUTT?

I used to be, so I wouldn’t wear things that were too short or too tight.  

But then one day it dawned on me that I will never be PERFECT but I do work hard and I have seen some major changes in body since doing MMF Monthly Workouts on a regular basis and lifting HEAVIER WEIGHTS and working at a HIGHER INTENSITY.

Yep, that’s the truth…..  If you lift heavier, you will get MORE TONED.  

I promise, you won’t “get big”.

I tell you that because I have been working with women just like you for over 18 year as of this post and as soon as I cut back their CARDIO and make them lift more INTENSELY with HEAVIER weight, they get much better results.

Check out my client Caryn.  She is ripped and when she started with me she was doing way too much cardio and eating way too little.  I increased her calories (good ones).  You can see which foods to not eat here:  5 Foods To Never Eat Again In Order To Be Able To See Results.

I hope you are doing weight training because there is no cardio or group classes that you can do that can get you better results than this.  So that is why I want to share with you 5 of my favorite Butt Weight Training/Resistance Exercises that will help to LIFT & TONE!

The Best Exercises For Lifting The Butt

• Deadlifts
• Stability Ball Hip Extensions (minute 1:47)
• Supine Stability Ball Single Leg Hip Extensions (minute 1:10)
• Cable High Kicks


Do all 4 of these exercises in a circuit fashion.  Do 12 Reps of each with enough weight to reach momentary muscle failure.  That means you really can’t do 13 reps because you will die if you do LOL.  Do 3 Sets total, and rest 60 seconds between each set.  Let’s do this! 

These exercises are highly effective and will help you RAISE YOUR BUTT!

You can complement this workout with 20 minutes of Interval Cardio with a 1:1 work: rest ratio.  This type of cardio is more effective at burning fat than steady state cardio.  Perform your cardio session immediately following this LIFT YOUR BUTT workout.

Most people fail to get RESULTS because they don’t know how to put a program together.  There are reasons for doing a certain amount of sets, reps, etc.  in order to get a certain result.  You can’t just put a bunch of exercises together without reason and expect to get results.

That’s what the ladies on the MMF Monthly Workout love about the programs, they are intense, effective and they don’t have to worry about “wasting their precious time” doing workouts and exercises that don’t work.  They don’t have to think about what to do, they don’t have to feel intimidated walking in the gym because they don’t know what to do or how to do it.  It’s the best!

Also, remember to change up your workouts every 3-4 weeks if you want to continue to see results.  Your body adapts to exercise in about that time.  If you need help or even just a change, you will love the MMF Monthly Workouts.  I can’t wait to send you Phase I.

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Talk Soon!

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