All About Sodium In Your Diet

If you’ve ever felt bloated, you know sodium.

Sodium is often looked at as a “culprit”, but it is actually a mineral that does have some benefits… when used SPARINGLY.

But it can also be very harmful to your health and fitness goals.

So I want to talk about all the things sodium and give you lots of examples of foods high in sodium so that you can make more informed decisions and choices.

I always tell you….. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

The more you know, the better choices you can make and the better results you will get.

Especially when it comes to fitness and health, which is why I am always in your inbox and on FB and IG and Pinterest sharing as much as I can with you.

Because I know that it is FAR MORE than just working out and “dieting”.

Benefits of Sodium

So let’s start with the benefits of sodium.

Sodium is a mineral and we need it to some degree.

It aids in:

  1. Muscle contrations
  2. Nerve impulses
  3. The proper balance of water and minerals

The thing is, that most people abuse it and also use the wrong kind (will discuss that below).

When you think about bloat… you think of sodium, right?

The reason why when you go out to eat and wake up the next day not being able to fit your wedding band on or just super bloated is because all food you eat out is extremely high in sodium.

For every 1 mg sodium you eat, you retain 5 x’s its weight in water.


Now you know why you wake up so bloated after a meal out.

So make sure to drink A LOT OF WATER when you go out to eat or eat foods high in sodium.

Sodium Con’s

Now lets talk about the negatives of sodium:

  1. It increases blood pressure
  2. Hurts kidney function
  3. Increases chances of heart disease
  4. Can cause calcium loss
  5. Hurts fat loss (negatively affects metabolic function)
  6. Increases the appearance of cellulite

Definitely more cons than pro’s which is why it’s important to know what foods are high in sodium and to just be mindful.

Sodium Consumption Guidelines

As a guideline, you should consume no more than 1,500-2,300 mg of sodium per day.

No more than 200 mg per meal.

I wanted to share some foods that will surprise you that are super high in sodium.

Foods High In Sodium

  • Nuts
  • Deli (1 slice of turkey has 220 mg sodium… ONE SLICE)
  • Sausage, bacon, etc.
  • Canned foods (1 can corn has 540 mg sodium)
  • Bread (1 slice has 200 mg… make a sandwich and that is 400 mg and you haven’t put anything in it)
  • Tortillas (whopping 940 mg sodium, healthy options have way less)
  • Cottage cheese (1 cup has 700 mg sodium… hello)
  • Imitation crab (3 oz has 715 mg sodium… hello California roll) I always sub crab for a fish in all my sushi rolls unless its real crab

Pretty crazy, right?

That is why knowledge is power.

And also read….. read labels.

Make sure to check SERVING SIZES.

This isn’t to tell you to not eat any of the foods above or to cut salt completely from your diet.

I told you above, sodium is important for certain functions.

But use it moderately.

If you consume a diet of 80% natural foods and use that 15-20% in condiments and processed foods or eating out… you will be fine.


And when using table salt or salt to cook with, use HIMALAYAN SALT, it has lots of great minerals in it.

Start to use less of it when you cook.

Your palate will get used to it after some time and you will begin to not like super salty foods.

And when cooking, use spices and herbs to add flavor and when using condiments like ketchup, mustards, dressings, etc.. read labels and try to find low sodium options.

There are great spices like Mrs. Dash and Flavor of God that don’t use salt and add tons of flavor to foods.

And when using say a barbecue sauce… just use it sparingly.

I hope this helps!

Isn’t it amazing what having some knowledge will do.

I bet you will order differently now when you have sushi lol.

Seriously though…

These are the types of things that truly move the needle in your health and fitness.

It isn’t just about a diet and and workout.

i keep saying that because it’s the truth.

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Ok, rant over lol

Love ya, mean it and watch your sodium.


Michelle Marie

P.S. I’d love to know… what was the most surprising thing you just learned about sodium, let me know in the comments.

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