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Here are questions I get often, I think they will help you 🙂

  • q-iconHow many times a day do you eat?

    I wake up very early (4am), so I eat about 6 times a day (not including my post workout protein shake)

  • q-iconHow many calories do you eat a day?

    I don’t know and I don’t care.

    I don’t count calories.  That is no way to live.

    I eat every few hours.  

    I eat optimally 80% of the time. 
    I am always prepared, I make my weekly meal plans, I do my groceries once a week to stock up on all they healthy foods and I prep my in between meal snacks.

    I go by how I feel and I eye ball it.  Yep, that “scientific”, but guess what?  

    It works.

    If I want to lose a few pounds of fat, I cut back on my portions by 20%.  So if I had a piece of chicken the size of my hand, I would eat 20% less of it.  If I was eating ½ cup of brown rice, I would eat 1/3 cup.

    But I don’t count calories, and I don’t deprive and starve myself.

  • q-iconWhat is your strategy? How are you so consistent? How do cook every day when you are so busy?

    Its simple!

    I have a plan and I stick to it.

    I am all about doing things on a RECURRING BASIS.  I find that is the only way to be consistent and to truly make something a part of your “lifestyle”.  So overrated that lifestyle word.

    I make a meal plan of what my family is going to eat every single week.

    I make one grocery list for my meal plan and I go to the grocery store once to get everything I need for the week.

    I prep as much as I can before the week starts and I make sure to bake one of my Healthy Baked Goods so that I can enjoy them for snack or when I feel like eating something yummy.

    I plan cooking into my day.  Just like I have a time set to pick up my kids from school, I have days and times set for cooking.

  • q-iconHow can I get your Meal Plans?

    I love this question.  I get it all the time.

    “Can you just tell me what to eat?  What do you eat?  I will just eat the same.”

    This is the reason I created my MMF Healthy Meal Plans E-Book.

    I put together my best meal plans with the yummiest and healthiest recipes.  I put shopping lists together for each weekly meal plan and I made sure that you could lose weight while enjoying what you were eating.

    So if you don’t want to have to bother with making a new meal plan every week, figuring out if the recipes are healthy or what foods are good for losing weight and how to combine them in order to maximize fat loss, then you will love My Meal Plans.

    If you don’t have the time to make the meal plans every week and you just want to be able to see something, follow instructions and that’s it, you will love My Meal Plans.  Its like cliff notes for meal plans LOL.

    If you are tired of eating the same bland and boring foods and you don’t feel you can be consistent by continuing to eat that way, then you will love the variety and flavors of My Meal Plans.

    If you don’t think you have too much time for planning and cooking, you will love this meal plans.  Most of the meals you can whip up in 30 minutes or less.

  • q-iconWhere can I find your recipes?

    If you click on the Recipes Tab in the navigation bar, you will find all of them organized by categories.

    You can also find them on Pinterest all organized in Boards and you can pin them to your own boards so that you can access them easily.  Just go to My Pinterest Page and click “Follow All” that way you never miss any new recipes.

    You can also find a ton of them in My Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipes E-Book, you can download it now and have over 300 of my recipes at your disposal.

    You can also get my Top 10 Fat Burning Recipes and Bonus Workouts from me if you click here.

  • q-iconWhat kind of workouts do you do?

    I do weight training and a little bit of cardio.

    I have gone through many stages in the last 2 decades.  Times when I did 5 days of cardio for 30-45 minutes, times when I did spinning classes, Zumba classes, boxing classes, and finally the best results both for me and my clients was when I cut back on the cardio and did more intense weight lifting workouts.

  • q-iconHow many times a week do you workout?

    I do 3 days of weight lifting workouts and 1-2 20-25 minute cardio workouts.

  • q-icon Do you workout every day?

    No, I take the weekends off and hang out with my family.

    I workout all week and I eat pretty well on a consistent basis so I don’t’ feel bad at all about taking the weekends off and just focusing on my family.

  • q-icon Where can I find your workouts?

    I get this question all the time as well.

    So I created my MMF Monthly Workouts and I put together my best and most effective workouts from the last 2 decades.  Workouts that I tested on tons and tons of clients as well as myself to ensure they were effective.

    If you want a really detailed, planned workout program that changes every 4 weeks so that your results don’t plateau, you will love the MMF Monthly Workouts.

    If you are tired of doing the same workout routines all the time and aren’t seeing the results you think you should be getting, you will love the MMF Monthly Workouts.

    If you really want to be committed and you want results but you can’t afford a personal trainer to create effective workouts for you, you will love the MMF Monthly Workouts, because they couldn’t be any more affordable.

    You can also find short workout videos that you can do from home on My YouTube Channel.  There are tons of workouts for every body part.  Just browse around  and find a different one to try about 3 times a week.

  • q-icon What supplements do you take?

    • I take a Multi-Vitamin.
    • I take Fish Oil.
    • I take liquid Vitamin B.
    • I take liquid Vitamin D.
    • And I drink a Protein Shake with Greens & Glutamine.
  • q-iconWhat do you do if you don’t have time to cook “healthy snacks” like the ones on your website?

    I always have Dale’s Protein Bars in my fridge and freezer.

    There are occasions when I run out of snacks and I don’t have time to cook them for a few days.  Or I go on vacation or a business trip. 

    During these times I always have a Dale’s Bar.

    I love them because aside from being insanely yummy, they are like eating real food.  They are made of 100% natural ingredients, they are organic and have no GMO’s.  

  • q-iconHow many cheat meals do you have per week?

    I DON’T HAVE CHEAT MEALS, I don’t believe in them.

    I talk about CHEAT MEALS in detail here.