A Vitamin That Can Help Control Pregnancy Weight Gain

The question I get asked THE MOST by pregnancy women is… “Can I lose weight safely during pregnancy”.

I know, sounds crazy to talk about weight loss during pregnancy, but it really has everything to do with WEIGHT GAIN.

Of course, it’s normal, natural, and necessary to gain weight during pregnancy, but what is not good is EXCESS WEIGHT.

This is what makes pregnancy harder, labor longer, recovery WAY longer and women struggling for months and years to get their body back.

It sucks and its hard, trust me, I hear from thousands of pregnant women on a daily basis for the last decade and weight gain is the main thing they struggle with during and after pregnancy.

So, I want to help you with that. You may be wondering if it’s too late or if you could safely lose weight, check out this post for some motivation, because girlfriend it is possible!

If I can help your body continue to be able to use fat for fuel during pregnancy, your body can be good at burning fat and so you can still lose EXESS FAT SAFELY while growing a healthy baby.

If we can do this, then it will be soooo much easier to NOT GAIN EXCESS WEIGHT and to gain an amount of weight that is healthy, manageable and that will make you feel comfortable the next few months as well as make labor easier and recovery postpartum WAY FASTER.

Ready for this… There is a “vitamin” can help with weight loss, sounds crazy, but I actually would be more open to believing this or trying it versus some magic pill professed to make you lose weight.

So, let me not beat around the bush, and get right to it and reveal to you why you need to be taking THIS VITAMIN… B12, aside from helping you gain more energy and boost your mood.

Ok, let me try to not get real “technical”, while explaining a bit of science.

Vitamin B12 plays a huge role in how well your body functions.

Vitamin B12 is required for:

  • Proper red blood cell function
  • DNA synthesis
  • Converting your body’s fat and protein into energy.
  • Strengthens the brain and nervous system.
  • Enhances immune function

As you can see, Vitamin B12 is a crucial vitamin for health and because it aids in so many things, deficiency in it can lead do many problems including anemia, constipation, tiredness, weakness, dizziness, shortness of breath and WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.

All of these are important during pregnancy.

A deficiency in B12 also has an effect on our METABOLISM.

Basically, when you don’t have enough vitamin B12, your metabolism slows down, conserves fat stores by burning fewer calories during the day.

Isn’t it crazy that ONE VITAMIN can have such a huge effect on not just your health but on ability to lose weight as well?

So, if you weren’t convinced by the power of Boost (our B12 Vitamin) to increase your energy, reduce your fatigue, decrease depression and boost your mood, maybe now that you see its power to help you control weight gain during pregnancy, you will give it a try.

Here’s a few more benefits of taking a good quality Vitamin B12:

  • Renew Hair, Skin and Nails
  • Supports Bone Health
  • Supports Mental Sharpness & Alertness
  • Aids In Preventing Memory Loss

Remember that with vitamins and supplements, QUALITY IS EVERYTHING.

I never ever buy vitamins in a grocery store or pharmacy, especially not during pregnancy when it matters the most.

Most of those are very poor quality.

If they quality is not good, your body will not absorb the supplement which means you will not gain any of the benefits from it….and you basically also WASTE MONEY.

If there is something I splurge in a bit, its supplements because I know how much quality matters.

I got tired of spending so much money on supplements that were good quality but super expensive and that’s one of the main reasons I started the MMF Labs… my supplement brand.

So now, you can get medical grade, doctor formulated, premium ingredient vitamins and supplements at a super affordable price.

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Probiotics are another supplement that you can benefit from during pregnancy. Check out this video!

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