A Protein Smoothie That Helps Reduce Belly Fat



A Protein Smoothie That Helps Reduce Belly Fat

As a busy mom, sometimes I don’t have time to get a meal in or a healthy snacks and so protein smoothies have been a life saver.  

The amazing benefit of a protein smoothie is that if its the right quality protein and the right combination of protein to carbs…  

Then it will REDUCE YOUR HUNGER HORMONE (ghrelin), which will help us eat healthier.

Protein also helps us stay fuller longer, so it will hold you over to the next meal.

Which is why I ALWAYS add protein to my smoothies.

The right kind of protein in a smoothie can also crush cravings.

If it has the right combination of protein to carbs, like mPower Protein Powder does, then it will stabilize blood sugar which when your blood sugar drops is what causes CRAVINGS.  


My kids love them too and I feel good knowing they’re getting in some good nutrients and some protein.

I even add greens to them and though it changes the color a bit, they don’t even taste it.

So far, one of my favorite strategies has been adding sliced almonds to the shakes.  Its gives them a nutty crunch thats to die!


I love being able to enjoy eating healthy.  Because if you can’t enjoy what you are eating, its really hard to stay on track and if you aren’t consistent with eating healthy its incredibly hard to see real changes.


I know that the meal planning, and cooking is the hardest for you because for years, it was for me too!

I know that its hard to figure out how to pair the right foods to make meals that will actually help you burn fat but that actually taste good so that the entire family can eat them as well.


Which is why inside Fit Mom For Life, I added so many done for you healthy meal plans, so you wouldn’t have to guess or waste any time on it and you could try all kinds of different, satisfying and yummy meals.


What busy mom has time to make several meals for dinner?

Not me!


If you want to see more or less what some of my healthy meals are like and see how eating yummy food can still make you LOSE FAT… I made you a meal plan for the month.

No more not knowing what to make for dinner last minute.  

No more having to order in or take out.  (which hinders your weight loss)

You will have a meal plan for every day of the next month.  

Oh yeah!


Here is your CALENDAR MEAL PLAN for the month.  

A Protein Smoothie That Helps Reduce Belly Fat

Ok, now back to smoothies and blueberries…

I felt like blueberries so thats what I came up with today.  By the way did you know how good for you blueberries are?


Check this out:

Health Benefits of Blueberries:

  • A Research Study In Michigan stated that Blueberries may aid in reducing Belly Fat.
  • Neutralizes Free Radicals which can help reduce the aging process.
  • The highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruits.  High in Vitamin A, B complex, C and E.


One of the main things to take into consideration when using protein powders, is that its a good quality so that it doesn’t make you feel bloated, gassy and constipated.  

Also, if its not cold-pressed (like mPower is), then the bioavailability of the nutrients and vitamins isn’t good… 


That just means you don’t absorb them. (which sucks)

One thing I love about mPower is that it has a COMPLETE MULTI VITAMIN, prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes so you can save on buying and taking a ton of pills.

The pre/probiotics and digestive enzymes also help improve gut health which helps BIG TIME with burning fat more effectively, which helps with losing weight.

Having a protein shake immediately post workout will help your results so much, so make sure to have one within 5 minutes of your exercise.


There are a few things you can add to your post-workout shake that will help you lose more fat and be able to gain more muscle.


1.  Glutamine:  helps recovery, immune function, muscle gain and reduces inflammation in your digestive track so that you can burn fat more effectively.


2.  Greens:  these help reduce inflammation in your gut also so that you can burn fat more effectively.  If you have inflammation in your gut because you don’t eat organic or because you have drank some alcohol or eaten out a lot, no matter what you do , it will be super hard to burn fat and lose weight.

Here’s a few more tips when it comes to PRE/POST-WORKOUT SHAKES (which are so important for better results).

Before a workout:

  • Do’s:  Protein and healthy complex carb.
  • Don’t:  sugar (even fruit)… this suppresses the only hormone that releases fat cells.  If you can’t release fat cells, you can’t burn them


After a Workout:

  • Do’s:  Protein and sugar (fruit)…  The fruit will increase how fast protein goes to the muscle and also replenishes glycogen stores depleted during workouts.
  • Don’t:  fat.  Fat slows absorption and what you want post workout is very fast absorption.


I know its so hard to lose even half a pound, the thing is that most tactics we use to lose weight are too radical and not sustainable so the little weight we do lose, we can’t keep off.


It’s crazy but there is so much to your diet even with what you eat before and after a workout…. but it makes a difference!  

So many people get  frustrated with their results because they exercise and eat healthy but don’t see results.

The thing is that there are little tips and hacks like these I just shared that make a difference.


The truth is that you get your biggest bang for your buck with your DIET.  And little things like this, like having a protein shake within 5 minutes of your last rep can make a significant difference.  

Anyhow, I want to share this delicious recipe with you and one that will help increase fat burning, crush your cravings and reduce your hunger.


Healthy Recipe For Blueberry Gone Nuts Protein Smoothie


A Protein Smoothie That Helps Reduce Belly Fat



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Belly Flattening Protein Smoothie

  • Author: Michelle Marie Fit


  • 1 cup almond milk plus water to desired consistency
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/4 frozen banana
  • 1/2 tbsp almond butter
  • 1 tbsp sliced almonds, toasted
  • 2 scoops mPower vanilla protein powder


  1. Blend all ingredients in blender except almonds, add them on top of the smoothie and drink.


If you want a NEW workout to try, here is a great UPPER BODY WORKOUT that I love to do and its super effective.  

Try it once a week for the next few weeks, then make sure to change it up. Changing up your workouts is crucial to continuing to see results.  

Don’t forget to have a protein shake or smoothie right after your workouts.


Did you know that if you don’t change up your workouts every 4 weeks, your body plateaus and you don’t see anymore results?


Yep, and then people wonder whey they workout and workout and don’t see results.

Thats why there are endless amounts of workouts inside of FIT MOM FOR LIFE, so you can literally never repeat a workout again.


A Protein Smoothie That Helps Reduce Belly Fat




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