6 Tips to Losing Your Baby Weight FASTER

As if losing weight wasn’t hard enough even when not having kids….

Losing weight after pregnancy is tough.

The body goes through so many changes physically and hormonally which is what makes it so hard.

I know how anxious you can be to lose your baby weight after being pregnant for 9 months.

I know that I thought about it all the time.

Every day, every week, every month that went by, I wondered….

  • Will I ever be able to get my body back?
  • Will I be able to lose this weight?
  • Will my belly go back to normal?

To make matters harder, after having the baby we get so anxious to lose the baby weight. However, we are not allowed to exercise until we get medical clearance…. Which is usually around 6-8 weeks.

I know you are anxious or are going to be anxious about losing your baby weight…

But here’s what I want to tell you today…

You can still LOSE A TON OF WEIGHT without exercising.


And its where you can get your biggest bang for your buck when it comes to results.

Instead of wasting energy being mad or frustrated that you can’t exercise.

Put all that energy into eating right, meal planning and cooking. While making sure you are eating often, not skipping meals and not binge eating.

Whether you are pregnant now or recently had your baby, don’t waste time WAITING til you get clearance to exercise. If you’re worried about losing your milk supply while exercising, check out this post

If you do things right, you can have lost most, if not all your baby weight by the time you get clearance, then it’s just about toning and strengthening.

Actually, there are some exercises that are safe to do pretty much right after delivery.

I call them PREPARATORY WORKOUTS and I have them inside my Postpartum Program – BBAPP.

These exercises heal and strengthen your pelvic floor and the deep lying muscles in your belly.

  • What these will do is help all the muscles in your belly that have been distended and weakened to strengthen and start pulling in.
  • This makes it so much easier to start working out when cleared and the results in the MIDSECTION are huge!

Postpartum Nutrition Tips

I want to share some tips that will help you lose weight faster when you are postpartum.

1. Don’t Go More Than 3 Hours Without Eating

If you want to burn fat without exercise, you have to speed your metabolism. You do that by eating every 2-4 hours an energy or fuel meal (I discuss this in depth in BBAPP).

What’s important here is that it’s the right combinations of foods. Foods that together make your body burn a ton of calories.

This is why I give you so many choices inside BBAPP because the right combination is everything….

2. Don’t Skip Meals

This is huge! If you skip meals, then you will have low blood sugar and then you will crave sugar. Then there is no will power that will help you. This is when you tend to make bad choices and eat foods high in sugar and fat. This is usually why women can’t lose the weight.

3. Meal/Snack Prep

Without this, it will be incredibly hard to follow through with 1 & 2. And this is the main reason why moms have a hard time losing weight postpartum.

I know the struggle, trust me I know it… twice lol.

It’s hard to be the source of food for your baby 24/7. Especially when you’re not sleeping enough and trying to adapt to this new crazy life.

But, if you can create a new system for yourself to help you with meal planning, cooking, prepping etc. Your life overall will be so much easier.

If you have BBAPP, I give you all the resources to help you plan out your entire day. This includes naps, meals, eating and sleeping, so that you can have time for everything…. WHY? Because it is possible! That’s why MOST of my mom’s lose ALL their baby weight by the time they get clearance to workout.

Knowing what you are eating all week, having all the ingredients and foods at home and scheduling the time to make it is half the battle and will help you tons in being able to lose weight.

I know it can seem overwhelming to do all that with a baby, but it’s not.

You just need to sit down to figure it out and create some systems or routines.

And if you have a hard time with that and don’t have BBAPP, it’s all done for you in there.

4. Hydrate

This is also huge, and also important for your milk production if nursing.

You should be having 1/2 your bodyweight in lbs, in ounces of water… + 20% more if you’re nursing.

5. Eliminate These Foods

Foods that are inflammatory will not let you lose weight. Foods such as, wheat/gluten, dairy, artificial sweeteners, sugar and processed foods. Cutting these from your diet will make it easier for your body to burn fat, so, you can lose weight.

And don’t worry, there’s plenty of yummy and healthy food you can make and eat that don’t include those. There are so many yummy recipes inside BBAPP that are easy and enjoyable that you won’t feel like you’re dieting.

And that’s the trick… to not feel like you’re dieting or deprived.

If you don’t have BBAPPspend a little time on Pinterest of Food Network. You may find some yummy recipes that you may want to try and enjoy. Just make sure they are quick and easy ones.

6. Middle of the Night Snacks

This is another GEM of a tip.

A lot of moms do most the damage in the middle of the night when they are up feeding baby. Whether that is nursing or not… though nursing will make you ravenously hungry.

Keeping a healthy snack in the fridge that you can eat in the middle of the night is gonna save you.

So many moms get hungry in the middle of the night and end up eating all the things you shouldn’t be eating, such as crackers, bread, cookies cheese etc.

I would make yummy oatmeal pancakes and muffins and in the middle of the night. Then I would have a few bites and feel satisfied but without the bad calories.

This can be life changing for your weight loss as so many moms do the damage at this time.

I hope this is helpful and I also hope that it is encouraging to you.

You can lose weight and a lot of it without exercise so that those hard first few months postpartum when we are dying to get our body back but are also exhausted and can’t exercise, we can still feel good, feel like we are making progress and set ourselves up for even greater success once we can start working out.

Ok, my friend, have a great day and hey, if you are postpartum now or you will be soon, I’d love to know what your goal is. It’s always good to set a goal, it will help you achieve it better…. so why don’t you hit reply on this email and tell me a realistic goal and how long you would like for it to take you to lose your baby weight?

There is no right answer.. be graceful and realistic in your goal.

I’m here to support you, I know postpartum is even harder than pregnancy and you don’t have to do it alone.

So, if you haven’t gotten BBAPP (The Better Body After Pregnancy Program), I encourage you to.

Even if you are still pregnant right now.

You have no idea the peace of mind you will have when you know you have a plan and support for when the baby comes.

I also always encourage the FMTB ladies to start going through the modules 2-3 weeks before their due date because it really helps you tons to get organized and in the right mind set.

It will make your postpartum stage that much easier.

I guide you through every single step of these hard few months

And if you’ve done it or are doing it, I would love for you to check in and let me know how you’re doing.

Click HERE to get the BBAPP Postpartum Program


Pregnancy & Postpartum stages in our lives are hard as double heck. So be easy on yourself, and remember, you don’t have to do any of them alone!

If you’re still struggling, check out this video.

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