5 Tricks to a Silky-Smooth {NON-CHALKY} PREGNANCY Protein Shake

Are you having protein shakes while pregnant?

If you are not because you are not sure if its safe, let me put your fears at ease.

Protein powder, well not all protein powders, but mPower is 100% safe and good for pregnancy.

Of course, before taking anything, you must consult and clear it with your OB.

But one of pregnant women’s main problem with their nutrition, is that because most of them experience some sort of morning sickness and food aversions, they do not get the nutrients they need.



Protein is in charge of building tissues, organs, muscle, blood supply…. to mom and baby.


But most women don’t get enough of it.

So now that there are protein powders like mPower Protein For Pregnancy, doctors are RECOMMENDING it like crazy because it is really helping pregnancy women get better nutrition.

And with mPower, you don’t just get the protein, which is necessary.

It also has a complete HIGH QUALITY, HIGH BIOAVAILABILITY multivitamin which is like a PRENATAL PLUS.

I had a doctor formulate it with me and it also had digestive enzymes and probiotics so that its easy on digestion.


And during pregnancy, digestion naturally slows because of the hormone progesterone and that slowing in digestion is what tends to give pregnant women belly aches, bloating, and constipation.

But with a protein shake like mPower, you get the benefits of the protein without the bloat and belly ache.

Aside from being a ridiculously yummy treat.

How many times have you had a protein shake because you know the benefits but hat the nasty, chalky, grainy, clumpy protein powder consistency and terrible after taste?

I can’t tell you how often and for how long I literally held my breath to chug a protein shake because I knew I needed it but the texture and taste were disgusting.

Have you done that?

​And the “best-good for you” powders I’ve found are so gross…

So you can imagine.

You’ve probably been there too lol

I also hate how hard most powders are to mix.

Because even though I use my protein powder mostly in delicious & decadent smoothies and in cookies, muffins, pancakes, etc….

Sometimes I’m in a rush or as a post-workout and I just need to mix it with water and call it a day.

But it’s brutal because either they don’t mix well, or they are disgusting.

And this is the beauty of mPower, even as clean and good for you as it is… TASTES AMAZING and is EASY TO MIX.

Most delicious protein powders out there have a gazillion ingredients and/or ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS and flavors. Not good!

So, it was no easy feat formulating this protein powder, but WE NAILED IT and I can’t wait for you to see for yourself 🙂


So being the “expert” protein shake drinker I am lol

I have a few tips to ensure your protein shakes mix well and you enjoy them.

5 Tricks To Mix Silky-Smooth Pregnancy Protein Shakes 

{every time}

1. Store your protein powder in a cold-dry place.

Protein tends to clump up more if it’s stored in heat and exposed to moisture.

2. Add liquid first.

If using a shaker cup, add some water or liquid first, then add the powder and shake well. Then add the rest of the water to your desired consistency and shake well again.​

3. Use a shaker cup or blender.

There are really great and affordable single serve blenders that are amazing for protein shakes and smoothies. But shaker cups are great too. If possible, make sure you get the one with the blender metal ball, those help to mix the protein better.

​4. After you mix it, add a little ice to break up the clumps.

​5. Sift the powder beforehand.

This will take you a few minutes to prep, but it helps completely get rid of clumps. You can use a strainer and SIFT the powder into the container or a bag. Sometimes what I do is sife the servings I’m going to have for the week into little bags.

But with mPower, you literally don’t have to do most of these.

Legit… just fill your shaker cup with water, add mPower and shake it.

Voila, a perfectly smooth, silky shake that literally tastes like a dreamy vanilla ice cream shake with NO CHALKINESS, NO GRITINESS, NO AFTER-TASTE.

​Here is a post with a bunch of really delicious pregnancy protein smoothies and some more tips on how to make them perfect and nutritious for you and baby.

Click Here: The Best Pregnancy Protein Smoothie

I mean, my kids and my husband love it even when just mixed with water or milk.

That says a lot!

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