5 Tips For A Quicker & Easier Labor & Delivery

I would lie in bed at night, especially the last trimester and just have anxious thoughts about labor.

Especially my first pregnancy, but surprisingly, I was also nervous and anxious the 2nd time.

Though I did have a fast and great labor experience the first time, you never know what can happen. Even though, I knew I had done all the things to position myself in a good place to have a quick and easier labor, I was still nervous.

First of all, know that you are not alone and that it is totally normal to be nervous and anxious about labor, even if this is your 4th pregnancy lol.

Instead of worrying and being anxious, let’s work on some things… Let’s be proactive and do things that will prep your body for a great and faster labor.

There are 2 main things that I believe make a huge impact on labor and delivery.

  1. Strengthening and prepping the body through exercise.
  2. Reducing stress in the body to create an easier position for labor.

5 Tips for An Easier & Faster Labor

See A Chiropractor

Most women don’t even realize that it is healthy and safe to get adjustments while pregnant. There are doctors that specialize in pregnant women.

During pregnancy our bodies are growing, changing and shifting.

Different muscles are tightening, some are weakening, our joints are relaxing, and this can create serious muscle and body imbalances that won’t just create more pain during pregnancy but can make labor harder.

Strength and alignment of your pelvis is incredibly important for labor and delivery as lack of it can prevent the baby from descending into the lower pelvis.

Doing lower body exercises will help tons with this.

Not so much “cardio”, but strength or weight training-based workouts will also help a lot.

Hip mobility and stretching exercises will also help tons with strengthening your pelvis.

Seeing a chiropractor even a few times a month will really help with this.

Use An Exercise Ball

This will really help with hip and pelvic mobility which will encourage the baby to get in an optimal position when it comes time for labor and delivery.

You don’t need to use it for long periods of times.

If you just sit on it 2-3 minutes a day a few times a day, it will do wonders.

Actually, it will also help reduce any kind of lower back and hip pain you may be experiencing.

Just straddle the ball, separate your feet a little and bounce gently on it.

It will also help to reduce pressure off your joints.

After bouncing a little, you can do some rotations from side to side and around.

Not only will this be helping your labor, but it will reduce aches and pains.

While, you are prepping for a quicker and easier labor, check out this post about the stuff they DON’T TELL YOU about labor & how to prepare for it.

Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

This is something I didn’t do but I have done some research and have seen that it is very effective.

Red raspberry leaf tea is a great uterine toner.

  • It helps prep your uterus for labor without actually triggering it.
  • It helps the uterus get stronger so it contracts more efficiently during labor.

Pretty amazing, right?

The recommendation is one tea per day, but please make sure to consult with your doctor about this.

Strengthen & Prep Your Body with Weight Training

This is one I sound like a broken record for lol.

I know you hear me talk about this all the time, but aside from controlling weight gain, and increasing energy…. faster labors are probably top 3 results I hear from the ladies that do my programs and I’ve had over 250,000 women go through my pregnancy programs.



We’ve tested every kind of workout and by far, weight training has given moms the best results.

If you still haven’t signed up for FIT MOM TO BE, or you have the 21 Day Challenge and didn’t get FMTB, I want to encourage you once again, to not wait and get it.

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Get A Massage

Remember I mentioned above that one of the 2 things that is important is reducing stress.

Well, pregnancy in it of itself is stressful to the body and with the weight changes, as I mentioned before, different muscles tighten and weaken.

Getting a massage will help reduce tension in the muscles and will help release feel good hormones that will help in turn to reduce stress.

Reducing stress and feeling relaxed is one of the keys to having a smooth labor and delivery because tension in the muscles can make the muscles that aid in labor to tense up in defense.

If you can, treat or spoil yourself to a few massages as your due date gets closer.

Kegels Are King

During labor and after, having a strong pelvic floor is incredibly important.

And the best time to work on it is during pregnancy.

It is very easy to work your pelvic floor and takes very little time.

I show how to do this in my Better Body After Pregnancy Program, if you have it.

My first pregnancy, I made the mistake to not do Kegels.

I worked out and that was beneficial because I gained minimal weight, I always had energy, I had a 4-hour labor and recovered so fast and was at pre-pregnancy weight within weeks.

But I couldn’t run or do a jumping jack or heck sneeze or cough without peeing.

Yeah… not fun!

I worked on this postpartum and it did help and got better but the second time around I did work on my pelvic floor and had a 2-hour labor and 2 pushes.

The peeing also did not get any worse which most of the time, it does.

So, please, please, please do your Kegels.

​Ok, my prego friend.

Those are my tips and I hope they help and that you follow them.

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Looking for more tips? Check out this video.

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