5 Healthy Freezer Recipes To Help You Postpartum


5 Healthy Freezer Meals For Postpartum



There is one thing that I did at the end of my pregnancy to prepare for the few weeks postpartum that I truly believe was the best thing I could have done.


<< I cooked about 14 days worth of healthy meals and froze them. >>


I knew my mom would help me and people would probably bring me food, but I also knew that I would probably not be feeling too good about myself and my body postpartum so I knew I would want to eat healthy.

5 healthy freezer meals for postpartum

It was so relieving to know that for over 2 weeks I could eat healthy meals without having to do anything and I also felt good about keeping up with my husband and (the second time), my son.

I loved not feeling like I skipped a beat and having good, healthy, home cooked meals for them also.


I didn’t have to worry about my husband scrambling to make dinners or leave the house to pick something up……….

God knows I needed him and his help at home LOL.


It didn’t even take a lot of work or time to prepare for this.


Here is my strategy and then I will give you 5 delicious, healthy and easy freezer meals to make.


Strategy To Making Lots of Healthy, Yummy & Easy Freezer Meals for Postpartum


  • Find recipes that are healthy but don’t have highly colicky foods (if you are nursing).
  • Find recipes that are not spicy and don’t have lots of vegetables.
  • Write out a meal plan with sides and all and put it in the kitchen so you’re hubby or any family can help you daily to pull them out, thaw them and make the sides.
  • When you make the meals, store them in disposable containers so there is no clean-up.
  • Label them with a sharpie so your family/hubby will know what is what.
  • For a few weeks at the end of your pregnancy, make this postpartum meal plan, your meal plan for these weeks.
  • Each day/night when you are cooking dinner, make double batches, so you eat one for dinner and store the other in disposable container to label and freeze.


The double batch cooking makes it so easy. 

It literally doesn’t take “Extra” work or time.

You are already cooking dinners right?  So might as well double it up and freeze one batch.


Since you are picking simple recipes, this should be rather easy and quick.


I did this both times and it was super easy and quick.

And I really believe it was a life saver.


It felt good to know I was eating healthy since I didn’t feel so great about my posptartum body.


I have an entire meal plan in my Better Body After Pregnancy Program that is what I was following during my postpartum time.

All of the meals are so yummy and so easy and simple and quick to make.


I also have lots of tips whether you are nursing or not that will help speed that weight loss.

The diet in the Better Body After Pregnancy Program is what I used to lose all my baby weight in 6 weeks and then get in the best shape of my life after 4 months.

I know you can do this too.

It’s really not that hard when you have a good plan to follow.


Here are 5 Healthy Recipes to make and freeze for your postpartum time.


These are recipes I found to not disturb the baby or give them colics.

I found that spinach was one of the only veggies that didn’t make them gassy.

But you can always omit it out of recipes if you find it bothers your baby.


5 Healthy Freezer Recipes To Help You Postpartum


Salsa Chicken

healthy freezer meals postpartum








Hummus Chicken

healthy freezer meals postpartum









Gluten-Free Baked Turkey Spinach Baked Ziti

healthy freezer meals postpartum









Healthy Crockpot Steak

healthy freezer meals postpartum








Spinach Turkey Meatballs

healthy freezer meals postpartum








I hope you will take the time to do this.

It will really help you with getting your body back.


I know how hard it is to see your body the way it is postpartum, but if you start doing things right away, it will take a much shorter time to lose your baby weight and get your body back.


There are some exercises that are so beneficial to do during the 6-week wait before you get clearance that are safe and will help you so much with the pooch.


5 healthy freezer meals for postpartumThere are safe natural supplements that you can take that will also help you with your postpartum weight loss.


These are all the things that I did that helped me get my body back so quickly.

And I’m so happy to be able to share them with you in my Better Body After Pregnancy Program, so that you can too.


I know its hard, and the norm is for it to take a year or more to lose the baby weight, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you do things like this (making the freezer meals), and all the things I go over in the BBAPP, you will see how quickly you will be feeling like yourself again.


You can’t put a price on that.

It helps reduce postpartum depression, increase your confidence, give you more energy and make you feel overall soooooo much better.


Here are a few posts that can help you with the postpartum experience.

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Good luck, feel free to post your freezer meals on my Facebook Page and share any other ones you may have.

It will really help out all the girls.


5 healthy freezer meals for postpartum


5 healthy freezer meals for postpartum

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