4 Tips On How To Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight

You want to get in shape, so you have started to work out.  You probably started doing cardio, and once you lose  weight, you will start doing some weight training because you don’t want to get big………………..THE TYPICAL!  I won’t go there today because that is whole other discussion.  Let’s talk about what is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck!  Your nutrition!

I’m sure you have done dozens of diets, so let’s star by saying “we are never going to DIET again”, literally, raise your right hand and say……I ___________ promise to never diet again!

So if you don’t diet, what are you going to do to lose that stubborn fat?

Best Way to Lose Weight

 I want you to speed up your metabolism by eating small meals frequently (every 3-4 hours).  Why? Simply because the process of digestion is a complicated thing, so your body has to work really hard to do so, which means you burn a lot of calories in the process.   Bottom line……YOU EAT, YOU BURN CALORIES!

• Choose foods that are THERMIC (burn lots of calories).  Some foods are harder to break down, so your body burns more calories in the process of digestion.  The foods that burn the most calories are PROTEINS, CARBOHYDRATES, AND VEGETABLES.  Combine one of each of these in every meal every 3-4 hours.  Make sure to PLAN AHEAD.  If you have your meal plan for the week and all your groceries at home, your chances of success are much LARGER.

If you rather me give you the exact Meal Plan with the Recipes & Shopping List because you don’t have time to do this or because you don’t know exactly what it should be, here is a Coupon Code to get My BeFit Moms Meal Plan, Recipes & Shopping List for 40% off.  Coupon Code:  Challenge

 ELIMINATE SUGAR!  Yes, my friend, you must eliminate sugar.  It is totally not a big deal, as soon as you eliminate it for 3 or 4 days, you will no longer crave it.  Here are a couple of products other than the obvious cookies, candies, and ice cream that contain sugar, just in case you were not aware.

  • Yogurt,
  • Juices and sodas,
  • Milk,
  • Fruit

Of the above, fruit is not a bad option at all.  It is healthy but does contain
sugar.  If you consume fruit, make sure to complement it with a protein.

• What about PORTION CONTROL? You should eat equal portions of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables.  The size should be about the size of your palm or fist.  An example of my last meal:  5 oz piece of grilled barbeque chicken, handful of roasted asparagus with spices and feta cheese, and about a handful of lentils.
No need to get crazy and measure your food.  Just start by eyeballing it!

My friend, start by applying these 4 concepts and I assure you, the fat will start to come off, and soon!



Once your nutrition is on point, make sure you are following an effective fat loss weight training workout.

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