3 Important Reasons Why Protein Powder Is A Must During Pregnancy

When I was pregnant and breastfeeding, there weren’t any protein powders that were safe for pregnancy, let alone “formulated” for pregnancy & nursing moms.

​But there are many reasons why having protein shakes/smoothies are a really great option for pregnancy.


If you workout, it is a must!

I worked out most of my pregnancies so I needed a post-workout shake, but since nothing was safe, I had to suffer through hard boiling dozens of eggs a week and would eat 4-5 egg whites and some fruit as a post-workout meal.

Post-workout meals are necessary to replenish glycogen stores lost during the workout. This will help you build muscle and also feel energized.

Because for so long there weren’t any safe pregnancy protein powders (still aren’t, except for mPower), I had to do the hard boiling eggs and fruit. It was so time consuming and not enjoyable!

I mean who likes to eat hard boiled egg whites right after a workout!

If you workout, whether pregnant or not, you need to be drinking a protein shake after.

​A post-workout high in protein is SO IMPORTANT after a workout, your results will be SO much better if you have one.

And when you do have one, it should be within 5 minutes of your last exercise (for best results).

This has been tested.


Are you having protein aversions this pregnancy?

Can’t stand to see or smell or eat a piece of chicken, turkey, fish or meat…

I even get tired of having the same ol’ chicken breast over and over in order to get my protein in and I’m not pregnant right now.

During my pregnancy, at around 8 weeks I started getting major aversions to protein. (with my 1st)

I couldn’t eat, smell or even look at chicken, turkey, fish or beef.

I was so worried because I knew how important it was for me to eat protein for the baby but I literally would throw up in my mouth if I saw it (I know… TMI).

  • I felt so guilty.
  • I felt like I was short handing my baby. And it sucked.
  • I remember wishing so badly that I could just drink a protein shake a few times a day and call it a day.

I knew I needed to do something to get protein in, so me, being the daddy’s girl that I am (and knowing I was giving my parents their first grandchild 🙂 I asked my dad to cook for me vegetable chicken soups every week.

He would puree the chicken into the soup so that it was a cream because I couldn’t look at chicken. If I could see it, I wouldn’t eat it.

It was a mission, but it did the trick, so if you are having protein aversions, that could help.

But can you imagine eating soup for 3-4 meals a day for weeks and weeks on end?

It was brutal.

I remember researching in the wee hours of the night when I couldn’t sleep, for safe protein powders.

I knew that if I could have 2 shakes a day and then my soup, I would be golden.

But nothing was safe enough.

The frustration during that pregnancy and my next pregnancy almost 4 years later is what led me to want to formulate a protein powder specifically for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

Cuz, guess what?

After I had my babies…

  • I continued to struggle to get enough protein in.
  • I struggled to eat enough meals a day.
  • I struggled to cook enough meals a day.
  • I struggled to be consistent with my vitamins.

And I knew that in order to lose my baby weight, I needed to consume more protein.

Not to mention if I wasn’t eating enough protein, then my babies weren’t getting enough protein.

The whole thing was a nightmare.

So trust me when I tell you…. I know how hard it is to “eat right” when you are pregnant and also postpartum (when you are exhausted, not sleeping, breastfeeding and don’t have time or energy for anything).

When I say “eat right”, I know a few things come to mind:

  1. Getting enough of the nutrients that my baby needs.
  2. Eating right so I don’t gain a ton of weight that I later can’t lose.
  3. Trying not to overeat or give in to allllll the cravings.
  4. Eating the right foods so I don’t feel sick and have enough energy to make it through the day.

I get it, it’s hard enough to eat right and get all the right vitamins and minerals when we’re not pregnant and postpartum.

I know that I am crazy busy, especially weekdays with my 6 and 10 year olds.

If I didn’t pre-make healthy snacks on the weekends and have my protein shakes, I would never eat enough of the right nutrients and vitamins that I need.

There are so many times I can’t bear to have ONE MORE PIECE OF CHICKEN OR TURKEY.

Which is why SUPPLEMENTS are especially important when you are pregnant and postpartum.

Even just as a busy mom…


Doctors know that with nausea, morning sickness, lack of sleep, stress and cravings, it is dang hard to get all the vitamin and nutrient requirements that we need during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, especially.

Which is why FINALLY, they are approving and recommending protein powders. YAY!

People as me all the time…

“Are you sure protein powder is safe for pregnancy”?

What blows my mind, is that they are wondering if protein with vitamins and minerals of very high quality is safe, but they will have fried food in the worst possible oil that has trans fats. They eat processed, pre-packaged foods high in sugar and sodium, have fast-food and then ask if protein powder is safe lol

All those foods are WAY more detrimental to your health than a high quality protein isolate with a multivitamin, probiotics, B vitamins and digestive enzymes in it. lol

Your Baby Needs This!

There are so many vitamins and minerals and nutrients that are CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT for the development of your baby while pregnant and breastfeeding.

But one NUTRIENT that is the most important is….. PROTEIN.

And that’s why it’s important to not only get enough of it, but also increase it a bit in each coming trimester.

And these are all the reasons why I knew I needed to create a protein powder that was specifically formulated for pregnant and postnatal moms.

Because there has NEVER been a time in our lives as women, where the nutrition we consume is as important as it is now… especially the protein intake.

And being that I know… from experience (2 pregnancies + 2 over 1 year breastfed kids), and working with over 250,000 pregnant and postpartum moms, how hard it is to even eat 1 piece of dang chicken while pregnant because of:

  • Protein Aversions (can’t look, taste or smell chicken, turkey, fish, steak or eggs).
  • Nausea or morning or all day sickness.
  • Not having time to make so many meals a day.

Smoothies are a great way to use the protein powder to get more protein in.

I made a post with 7 Nutrition and Delicious Protein Smoothies HERE.

So I created mPower, a protein powder specifically FORMULATED for PREGNANT and POSTNATAL moms and I can’t wait for you to have this in your hands!

I created this with a doctor so that I could make sure it was as clean as possible and that it could be an ALL IN ONE supplement you could easily and quickly take and feel safe and at ease that you are consuming ALL the nutrients and vitamins that YOU and your BABY need.

So if you are struggling to get enough protein in, and you now see how much you and your baby need it right now, I would love for you to check out mPower Protein Powder and all the amazing benefits that it has.

I wrote more in detail in THIS POST the very important benefits of protein powder for pregnancy.

​​Another great thing about protein powder is that it is versatile. You can also bake with it.

​Check out this recipe for Healthy Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies.

I also want you to see what other pregnant mama’s are saying about it.

soft and chewy cookies for your pregnancy diet

So CLICK HERE to check it out.

Still questioning if protein powder is safe? Check out this video.

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