20-Minute Full Body Workout

What Burns More Calories, Weight Training or Cardio?

Some weeks are busier than others, and on those weeks, sometimes I don’t have the time to do all the workouts I want to. 


But I always choose WEIGHT TRAINING over CARDIO.


And let me recommend that if you have 20 minutes to spare for a workout, that you make it a weight training one.  The benefits are way better.


I love that we can get a kick butt workout in only 20 minutes.  So next time you only have 20 minutes to spare and you are thinking of an excuse as to why you can’t get your workout in, you better think of a better one.


Plus, if you have a good workout plan you can follow and you don’t even have to think about it, then its a lot easier.  I always follow a plan.  I change it every 4 weeks, but without it I feel lost and I also don’t get as good results.


My online clients love my MMF Monthly Workouts, they get great results and the workouts are done pretty fast.  They also love that they don’t have to think about it when they get to the gym or even workout from home.  They just have to follow instructions. It rocks!  It really helps them be more consistent.


I want to share with you a little sample full body workout.  I hope you give it a try!



All you need for this FULL BODY BLAST is:

  • Pair of dumbbells
  • Stability ball


If you have a choice between cardio and weights, chose weights.  Weight training not only builds lean and tone muscle but the EPOC (calories you burn post workout) is higher than cardio.

Remember the trick to WEIGHT TRAINING is you must change the workout routine every 4 weeks in order to continue seeing results.  If you would like for me to personally send you a new exercise routine every month you can do this with my MMF Monthly Workouts


Now check out this FULL BODY BLAST WORKOUT.


Try this 20 MINUTE WORKOUT:  Full Body Blast

• 20 Plie Squats
• 20 Push-ups
• 20 Stability Ball Hip Extensions
• 20 Dumbbell Rows
• 20 Shoulder Presses
• 1 minute Jump Rope


Repeat this circuit 2 times with 45 seconds rest in between.


This Full Body Blast works every muscle in the body and works large muscles, which burns tons of calories.  It’s quick, easy, and super effective.


To find out how to do these movements, get your own“Virtual Exercise Library” a CD ROM that has over 100 exercises with pictured demonstrations and detailed descriptions of how to do the exercises. 


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