14 Day Butt Challenge

Butt Challenge


What woman does not want a higher, tighter, smaller, more compact and tight butt?

I don’t know about you but I always want to work on my butt (glutes).


Not because I love it because its actually really hard, but because I always want it to be better.14 Day BUTT challenge (1)

So I am super excited to do share this 14 Day Butt Challenge with you!

Actually its a Butt, ABS and Clean Eating Challenge, so I hope you do all 3.


My hope is that you will complete it and that you will especially follow the 14 DAY CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE that goes hand in hand with this.


Though I would love to say that just working out will do the trick……..

It won’t.


It’s crucial to follow a good nutrition plan if you want to see results.

Remember, its 80% DIET 🙂


Don’t worry, I totally don’t believe in “DIETING”, in “COUNTING CALORIES” and in “DEPRIVATION”.


So this 14 DAY CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE is going to be totally DO-ABLE!


I’m happy to hold you accountable and answer any questions these next 14 days just do so on My Facebook Page.

Feel free to post your pictures on there and/or Tag me on Instagram @MichelleMarieFit




Here is what you can expect from doing all 3 Challenges for the next 14 days:

  1. More Energy.
  2. Less Cravings.
  3. De-Bloat.
  4. Weight Loss.
  5. More Belly Definition.
  6. Flatter Midsection.
  7. Less Back Pain.
  8. Tighter Glutes (Butt).
  9. Leaner and Tighter Thighs.


Here is what you have to do:

  • There are 2 workouts, you are going to alternate them for 14 days.
  • Take ONE day off every 7 days.
  • Each workout should take you anywhere from 10-15 minutes.


14 Day BUTT challenge day 114 Day BUTT challenge day 2


Example Week:  

Monday: Butt Workout Day 1

Tuesday:  Butt Workout Day 2

Wednesday:  Butt Workout Day 1

Thursday:  Butt Workout Day 2

Friday:  Butt Workout Day 1

Saturday:  Butt Workout Day 2

Sunday:  OFF



Remember that the best results will be achieved if you follow the eat clean challenge as well.  

To get the 14 Day Eat Clean Guide, click here.




Here are the short videos showing you how to do each exercise.

Butt Workout Day 1

Butt Workout Day 2 



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