14 Day ABS Workout Challenge

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Are you ready for the 14 Day ABS Challenge?

Well, its really the ABS/BUTT/CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE, and its only 14 days.

I promise it will be worth it and totally DO-ABLE.


You will be doing daily workouts for 14 days but they are super short.

Every workout will take 5-15 minutes.

Can you do that?


The good news about the nutrition part, is that you don’t have to starve or deprive yourself in order to lose fat or weight……..14 day AB challenge

You can actually eat more than ever (of the right foods) and yummy foods and see really good results.


The right foods will help speed your metabolism so that its easier for your body to burn fat.

Also, omitting certain foods that are inflammatory will help you burn fat more effectively.

Inflammatory foods make it really really hard for your body to burn fat which is why taking them out of your diet will help you tons.


I know how busy “mom-life” is, and what a struggle it can be to figure out what to eat every day that is healthy enough for you to lose weight but also good enough that your entire family will like it.


Which is why I created a 30-Day Healthy Meal Plan that you can download.


I use it myself and even my kids love most of the meals.

You can download it here:  FREE 30 DAY MEAL PLAN CALENDAR


Before you start, I want you to know a few things….

I don’t believe in “DIETING”.


I don’t believe in “DEPRIVATION”.


I do believe that if you can find a way to ENJOY eating healthy and find the right combinations of foods that help the fat burning process, you can be way more consistent.

And consistency is what gets you results.

I promise!


That is why inside of FIT MOM FOR LIFE I share so many different meal plans and weight loss strategies…. Because there isn’t one end all be all and its important to try different things until you find what’s best for you.


Make sure to download the:  FREE 30 DAY MEAL PLAN CALENDAR,

it will help you tons 🙂


If you download it and make the meals, take pictures of your meals and post them on Instagram and Tag me @MichelleMarieFit


What to expect these 14 days.

(If you follow the meal plan and workouts as well).

  • De-Bloat.
  • Lose Weight.
  • Flatter Belly.
  • Less Back Pain.
  • More Energy.
  • Less Cravings.
  • Better Moods.
  • Tighter Butt.
  • Stronger and Leaner Legs.


  • There are 2 workouts, alternate them for 14 days straight.
  • Take one day off.
  • Each workout will take you 5-15 minutes.

abs challenge day 1

ABS challenge Day 2













Example Schedule:

Monday:  ABS Workout Day 1

Tuesday:  ABS Workout Day 2

Wednesday:  ABS Workout Day 1

Thursday:  ABS Workout Day 2

Friday:  ABS Workout Day 1

Saturday:  ABS Workout Day 2

Sunday:  OFF


Here are the short videos with exactly how to do the exercises.

*The Leg Raises can be done one leg at a time if its too hard with both legs, which is why I show you how to do both*


ABS Workout Day 1

ABS Workout Day 2




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