1 Tip To Crush Pregnancy Cravings & Gain Less Weight

Are giving in to cravings making it hard for you to eat healthy?

If you are having cravings, this is going to legit change your life.

It’s a rule I came up with but you can apply it to other things like your marriage…

This can change your marriage (for good).

I know that for the most part, us women, we want to have a healthy and fit pregnancy.

We don’t want to gain a ton of weight and we want to be able to get our body back in a decent amount of time.

Been there, done that lol

The thing is….

Pregnancy is hard.

Not sleeping well makes us eat poorly.

Hormones make it hard to eat healthy and easy to gain weight.

It’s like we have so much stacked against us.


There are things we can do to combat pretty much all of the things.

And today I want to focus on cravings.

Because if you have every intention of eating healthy and not gaining a lot of weight but you are struggling with cravings, its’ gonna be so hard.

So, let’s get those cravings under control.

It’s ONE TIP, but it will help you so much and you will be able to more easily eat healthy, more easily have will power and fight those cravings so you can gain less excess weight and be able to be a fit mom shortly after you have your baby.

This is something that is better for me to do on video so I can really explain it.

So I did a short video for you explaining it.

Watch it! It really will help you tons and you can apply this rule to your marriage and other things as well.

Its worth the few minutes to watch this.

I love consuming videos, I learn so much this way.

I listen to them while I shower and do my hair and makeup, while I cook, in the car, while I exercise…

It’s my fave way to learn new things and even to read books this way with audibles.

So take the time, it will make you better.

2 Diet Tips To Control Cravings

By the way you can also control cravings through your diet… I’ve talked about this a lot.

If you maintain stable blood sugar by eating every few hours and not skipping meals, it makes you not crave sugar which happens when too long goes by without food and your blood sugar drops, making you PHYSIOLOGICALLY CRAVE SUGAR.

Another way you can control cravings is by eating more protein which will make you feel fuller longer and control your hunger hormone ghrelin which will also help you with cravings.

So if you want to really protect yourself from cravings and really put yourself in a position to more easily eat healthy so you can have a healthy and fit pregnancy, do the one tip with these 2 diet tips.

I know it can be hard to eat so many meals a day, especially if you don’t feel good.

That’s why having a protein shake is a lifesaver.

If you haven’t tried mPower Protein Powder, you gotta try it.

Not only is it insanely delicious.

  • It also counts as a prenatal and has all the B Vitamins which helps with morning sickness and energy.
  • It is a meal replacement and the extra high quality protein will keep your hunger and cravings under control.

So, if you haven’t tried it, CLICK HERE to get your mPower.

It will change your life.

I can’t wait for you to try it.

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