What Do You Do After You Eat A Really “Bad” Meal? Skip A Meal?

I got a text the other day from one of my many AWESOME clients.  She was feeling bad about herself because she ate a “cheat meal”.  This was not the problem as eating a “not so clean” meal once in a while will not make you FAT.  

The problem was in the after the “bad meal”.  And I think that so many people do this which is why I want to shed some light on this topic.  

My client felt so badly about eating the bad meal that she attempted to not only skip the next meal, but she tried to not eat for the rest of the day, or just eat minimally.  Guess what happened?  Come on………  you know what happened, don’t tell me you haven’t done this before?

At the end of the day since she had not eaten since breakfast (bad meal), she had low blood sugar.  Guess what her body was SCREAMING for?  Yup, you got that right, SUGAR.  Guess what happened next?  Yup, binge #2, another “bad meal”.

Guys, you can not make up for a bad meal by not eating.  That will only make it worst.  You will end up craving more bad food because you will have low blood sugar.  

What Do You Do?

You get right back on track and your next meal is a PERFECTLY CLEAN MEAL.  You don’t starve yourself, you eat, but you eat a small optimal meal.  What you can do is manipulate your calorie intake by maybe cutting back on the carbohydrate for the next meal, but you NEED to have a meal.  A meal meaning, a lean protein, a fibrous vegetable and if you need it, a starchy carb.  If you do this, not only will you maintain stable blood sugar so as to not walk around craving sugar and thinking of food all day, but you will also be speeding metabolism by continuing to burn calories as you go through the process of digestion.

So next time you have a “cheat meal”, don’t feel bad about it, don’t think about it all day, and don’t punish yourself for it.  You are not going to gain 10lbs in 1 meal.  Don’t think about it, don’t dwell on it, don’t try to count the calories, just put it in the past and FOCUS on how to create a PERFECTLY CLEAN MEAL for your next grubbing!

I see people fall into this trap all the time.  I know your intention is good, but it is not the most effective thing to do.  So next time you eat that bad meal, GET RIGHT BACK ON TRACK & DON’T SKIP ANY MEALS.

If you eat delicious and healthy meals all the time, and you don’t eat the same ol’ boring meals, you won’t feel deprived, and you may not feel the desire to have such a “bad meal”.  If you need help on getting some awesome, delicious, healthy and quick recipes, check this out.  Healthy Recipes Express

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