Wedding Weight Loss Cardio Tips

As a Bride-to-be, I know that you are short on time.  I know that you are working full time and trying to plan and still want to get in shape for wedding.  So check out these wedding weight loss tips.

Wedding Weight Loss Cardio Routine

As a Bride-to-be, I know that you are short on time.  I know that you are working full time and trying to plan and still want to get in shape for wedding.  So check out these wedding weight loss tips.

The good news is that you don’t need a lot of time, all you need is an EFFECTIVE WEDDING WEIGHT LOSS EXERCISE PROGRAM.  Most exercise programs fail because they are not effective, especially because they don’t change! Have you been there?  Following the same exercise routine over and over?


Here are some cardio tips that will help you effectively BURN FAT for your wedding weight loss:

  • Vary the duration:  perform 20-45 minutes, but choose different durations all the time in order to vary intensity.
  • Vary intensity:  Here is the rule of thumb……The longer the duration, the lesser the intensity.  The shorter the duration, the higher the intensity.
  • Vary the type of cardio:  There are so many different types of cardio you can do.  Here are some examples:  Swimming, cycling, Spinning, Kickboxing, Boxing, Step classes, stair climbing, elliptical training, running, jogging, jump roping, skating, HIIT home workouts (you can find a ton of my HIIT workouts here) etc.  Be creative!!!
  • Interval training is the most effective:  Perform intervals of these work:rest ratios:  1:1, 1:2.  For example: Increase speed and resistance for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds by lowering intensity.  This is a 1:1 work:rest ratio, equal amount of time for work and rest.  So, 1:2 would be 30 seconds increased intensity with 60 seconds of a recovery intensity.

Here is an example Treadmill Cardio Wedding Weight Loss Workout:

Warm up:  3 minutes on 1% incline & 3.0 mph
Interval:  1 minute 5.0 mph, 1% incline
Interval:  1 minute 3.0 mph, 8% incline
Repeat these intervals for the duration of 20 minutes
Cool down:  3 minutes on 1% incline & 3.0 mph

wedding-weight-loss-cardio-tipsNow, all you need is an effective weight-training wedding workout to gain lean, and toned muscle so that you look amazing and increase metabolism by burning fat all day long! The more muscle you have (metabolically active tissue), the more fat you burn!  Also, you need an effective wedding diet plan.  If you do not change your eating habits, no matter how long and how hard you workout, you will never see any changes.

You can get both of these as well as more cardio workouts in my book “Vow to be Fit”.  It is a 3-6 month Wedding Weight Loss Fitness Plan that will get you in the best shape of your life!  In it you will get a wedding diet plan and exercise program.

I know how important it is for you to be in the best shape of your life for your wedding.
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