Wedding Diet Plan-Lose Weight

Here is how you lose weight for your wedding without starving.

A starvation diet is not a good wedding diet!  Why?  Simply put, because there is no humanly possible way that anyone can deprive their bodies of nutrients for too long.

What is a starvation diet?  A starvation diet is what I call a diet that restricts calories to a bare minimal.  Diets such as the cookie diet, the cabbage soup diet, the fruit diet, Atkins diet.  All of the above mentioned restrict calories, but what most people don’t realize is that they also slow metabolism.  By slowing metabolism, you don’t burn as many calories.

Then why does it work at the beginning?  Well first of all most diets first restrict carbohydrate intake.  For every 1 gram of carbohydrate you eat, you hold 3-4 grams of water.  So as soon as you restrict carbs, you lose water……..NOT FAT!  Since your body is no longer getting carbs… soon as you re-integrate them, your body is going to go into shock mode and want to hold the carbs because it doesn’t know when it will get them again…..when you store them, you store them as fat.  NO NEED TO RESTRIC CARBS ALL TOGETHER ON THIS WEDDING DIET!

How does a starvation diet fail?  Since you can’t deprive your body for too long, there will come a time where you will start binging.  This is why you have all these yo-yo dieters that lose and gain weight.  You don’t want to do this!  You want to lose fat for your wedding, get in shape, and stay that way, for you and your hubby.

What is the best wedding diet plan?  It’s so simple, you don’t have to starve.  You actually have to eat….and often, in order to speed metabolism and burn fat all day long.

How often should you eat on this wedding diet plan?  Every 3-4 hours

What are the best foods?
A lean protein:  chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, egg whites.
A starchy carbohydrate:  oatmeal, grits, sweet potato, brown rice, lentils.
A fibrous vegetable:  asparagus, broccoli, squash, arugula, watercress.

What are the quantities for each meal on this wedding diet??
If you have a plate, it should be 40% protein, 40% veggies, and 20% carbs.

If you don’t have too much weight to lose and you just need to tone, then your wedding diet portions should be equal parts of protein, veggies, and carbs.

If you want to get toned…..A diet plan is not enough!  Girlfriend, you have to hit the weights!  That is the only way you will have tight and toned muscles.  So start your wedding fitness plan now.  If you don’t have one, then get one by checking out “Vow to be Fit”, this book has a 3-6 month program that includes a very specific wedding diet plan as well as a wedding fitness plan that contains weight-training and cardio workouts.  

I have helped hundreds of Brides get in the best shape of their lives.  Join them and look your absolute best on your wedding day.

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