The Best 7 Exercises For Your Wedding Workout

Here are the best exercises for wedding workout!

Every BRIDE-TO-BE wants to be in the best shape of their life for their wedding.  That is why having an effective and challenging wedding workout is crucial.  I can not leave this out……..  In order to get optimal results from your wedding workouts, you must have an optimal wedding diet.  Today, we will discuss the best exercises for your wedding workout, and click here to get some tips for your wedding diet.

The best wedding workouts must include weight training and cardiovascular training.  Weight training will help you gain lean and toned muscles so that you look slim and defined in your beautiful white gown, and cardio will help you speed fat loss.

Instructions for your Wedding Workout:

  • Perform 3 weight training workouts per week.
  • Perform exercises that work the entire body.
  • Perform 3-30 minute INTERVAL cardio workouts per week.

Top 7 Exercises for the Best Wedding Workout

  1. Deep Squat
  2. Push-ups
  3. Deadlifts
  4. Barbell Shoulder Presses
  5. Stationary Lunges
  6. Dips
  7. Rows or Pull-up

7 Best Exercises Fr our Wedding Workout

These exercises will give you your biggest bang for your buck!  Try them in a circuit fashion one after the other with minimal rest.  Start with 12-20 repetitions with a slow and controlled tempo.  At the end of the 7 exercises, rest for 60 seconds and try to perform the circuit 2 more times.  

best exercises for wedding workoutThese exercises should always be a part of your wedding workout.  Check out this wedding cardio workout.

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