How To Survive The First Months With A Newborn

8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn

The first 3 months with a newborn are pretty crazy.

If it’s your first baby, its really crazy lol.

But if you are well prepared and you have some routines going, then it really doesn’t have to be so crazy, even though you do hear some horror stories.

8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn

I was lucky enough to have a great mom and friends who sort of coached me before I had the baby’s so I was pretty well prepared.  And let me tell you, it makes a huge difference.

Let me just begin by telling you a few of the benefits that I experienced myself from these tips to surviving the first few months with a newborn.

  • I was less stressed and emotional.
  • My home was organized at all times.
  • I never felt out of control (well, baby #2 I did a little, whew big change there).
  • I got rest when needed.
  • We ate healthy hot home cooked meals every day.
  • The baby got into a routine much faster and was sleeping the night by 3 months (both of them).
  • No postpartum depression.
  • Body back in pre-pregnancy weight in less than a month.
  • No “major” fights with the hubby.

A lot of women feel so out of control when they have a newborn.  

And it’s no wonder, I mean your life literally completely changes from one day to the next.  Couple that with raging hormones, lack of sleep, a new human in the house, and you could have a recipe for disaster.

But if you have a plan, it can be much much much much EASIER.

 Okay! Here are a few things I did with both my pregnancies to prepare me for the baby so that those first few months became much easier.


8 Tips To Surviving The First 3 Months With A Newborn

8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn



1.  Have a Planner & Notebook Handy.

8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn



I had a little notebook where I jotted down things I wanted to do, or things I needed to buy at the store.  I also wrote down there the baby’s sleep, eat, poop schedule.  

It really helped so much to SEE when they were doing things so that I could see a pattern and know what to expect.  

It took away a lot of anxiety as well as seeing it helps you be able to manipulate it quicker to start putting the baby in a good schedule to eat and sleep better.

“Mommy Brain” is for real.  You though that “Pregnancy Brain” was bad, well this one is worse LOL.  I would forget so many things that I started writing everything down in a little section of my planner.  Whether that was things that needed to be bought at the grocery store or things I needed to do myself or needed to have my hubby do.

I showed my hubby this so when he realized we were out of something like diapers, diaper cream, etc, he would jot it down there.

2.  Set Little Routines From The Beginning.

8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn



This is so important, it really helps you feel a little more in control in a time where everything feels out of control.  

I had heard so many horror stories about these postpartum women who would say it would be 5pm and the husbands were getting home from work and they were still in PAJAMAS, hadn’t had a moment to sit or eat or anything. Which of course then you feel terrible because you think your husband doesn’t love you anymore, you look terrible and it goes on and on and on…..  The crazy things we make up in our heads during these very HORMONAL days.

I refused!

So I made myself a little routine and most importantly, I COMMITTED to it.

Here is MY little routine:

After the first real morning feeding (not the 3am one but the one you could actually get up for the day, so maybe between 7-9am), I would get up feed the baby and put the baby down whether that was to sleep or in a bouncer or bassinet and I would take a shower and get dressed.  I would put on a cute but comfortable outfit and I would brush my hair, put a little make up on and get ready for the day.

This helps you feel human and good.  Because those first few days or even weeks, you feel so gross.

I mean, you are bleeding like crazy, are wearing these ginormous pads, you may have hemorrhoids, your tired, cranky, hormonal, your body feels huge still.  Its just hard.

But taking the first few minutes of the day to PRIMP UP really makes a big difference.  

Then you don’t have to be one of these women that 5pm rolls around and they haven’t even brushed their hair.  Come on ladies, its hard but not that hard.

 Then I would walk around the house and take 10 minutes to organize things.  Put things away from the LONG NIGHT before, I would make the beds, especially mine.  By the way that makes a huge difference.  Being in a dark room with the bed un-made and everything a mess just makes you feel worse.

8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn



I would open all the blinds in the house, even my room.  I made my bed even if I was going to lay down again.  Pick up things in the kitchen, clean any bottles, and just make sure things were in place.  This didn’t take more than 10-15 minutes (which baby is probably still sleeping).

So now its about 9am and you are showered, dressed, house organized, there is fresh day light throughout the house and you can be ready for the day.

Then I would take out a meal from the freezer (we will discuss this later).

I would fill up a glass of water, grab some lip balm, my notebook and planner, a book, and sit down in the family room for a little bit and enjoy a cup of decaf coffee or mothers milk tea.

I had a set time for lunch and dinner to ensure I was eating, so I stuck to those.

In the evenings when my husband got home we would take some slow walks with the baby in the stroller.

By this time I had about had it in the house all day.  Cabin fever really sucks during these first few months when you can’t really take the baby anywhere.  But outside is always good.

This helped to clear my mind, get me out of the house, get some fresh air, talk to an adult (my husband), and it was good for the baby too.  Normally this was the WITCHING HOUR when the baby cries uncontrollably for no apparent reason (you will see LOL), so it was the perfect time to calm the baby with mother nature.

Then, I would take another shower before bed to freshen up from a whole day of nursing and changing diapers and the yukky bleeding and hemorrhoids and put on a fresh pair of pjs and to bed.

My hubby and I discussed a SCHEDULE that worked for both of us.  

8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn



This is a mistake that many women make.  They don’t EMPOWER their husbands to help.  

They are more than willing to help if you ask them.  The baby is BOTH of yours not soley YOUR responsibility.

So my hubby is a night owl and he goes to bed around 12-1am every night anyways.  So we decided that I would go to bed around 10pm after the last night time feeding and he committed to staying up an hour extra than he normally does and he would do the shift from 10pm-1-2am.  This gave me a good 4 hours of sleep to get me ready for the rest of the night and day.

We would put the bassinet on his side of the bed with the diapers, wipes, cream, etc.  I would pump before in case the baby needed a feeding and he would give it to them.  Once 1-2am came around he would put the bassinet on my side with all the “Stuff” and from then on it was my turn and then he would sleep from 1-2am-8am or so.  So then he would get at least 6 hours of straight sleep. 

This helped both of us.  I got a little sleep, he got a little sleep and no one RESENTED anyone.  This is HUGE!

3.  Commit to Visitor Hours

8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn



My hubby and I did this the second time around and it was so much better than the first.  We were so much more rested.

The first 2-4 weeks you will get a lot of visitors both friends and family to come meet your precious little angel.  It can become very OVERWHELMING.

You are tired, you are hormonal and the last thing you want to do is be entertaining all day long.

So set some hours and stick to them.

We decided that we would not take any visitors from 1-4pm and nothing after 7pm.  Danny stayed home with me for 2 weeks, so those weeks we committed to both taking a nap while the kids napped during 1-4pm.  This was life changing compared to my first baby.

4.  Get Prepared Before Delivery Date

This is also huge.  

So since I knew we would have tons of visitors those first weeks, I went out before having the baby and bought a ton of appetizers and foods I could use for entertaining that would store easily and were easy to serve.  We stocked up the fridge out in the garage with wine and beer and juices and sodas.  We got tons of crackers and chips and dips and even little chocolates and cookies.  

8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn

We were set.

No running to the store when someone comes over.  No slaving over the kitchen to prepare something.  It was all ready.

Listen, with a newborn you need all the help you can get.  I didn’t want my hubby running to the store for an hour as help.  I wanted him home helping me with the baby or the house.  So not having to run to the store really helped.

5.  Stock Up on Freezer Meals

8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn



This is life changing.

I did this with both pregnancies and it was amazing.

About 2 weeks before my due date, I spent a week cooking 2-3 meals a day and freezing them.  I made 14 days worth of healthy meals.

This allows you to eat healthy meals and not have to worry about cooking those first 2 weeks when you are massively tired and hormonal and emotional.

Anything that can free up some time will help you so much.

Listen, you just spend 9 months huge and pregnant.  You already feel yucky, the last thing you want is to rely on UN-HEALTHY foods that people bring (which is very nice by the way), nonetheless, you want to LOSE WEIGHT and lose it now LOL.

I didn’t have to stress about not feeding my hubby during those weeks.  Because you start feeling GUILT from all over the place when you become a mother.

So I didn’t have to feel like I wasn’t taking care of my husband just because I had a baby.  He had home cooked meals all the time. And I was eating healthy and balanced meals and that felt great because I knew my baby was getting nutrients since I was nursing and I felt good about that helping me lose those pounds faster.

Which by the way I lost in less than 3 weeks.  Thanks to that and well, my Fit Mom-to-Be Workouts that I did during both my pregnancies.  Which was the main reason i lost all my weight so fast.  I actually only gained 20 lbs in each pregnancy.  

Exercise is crucial during pregnancy and if anything you take from this, and you are still pregnant, its EXERCISE.  It helps with not just weight gain and weight loss but with decreasing chances of POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION and so much more.


6.  Use a Baby Carrier

8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn

This is also huge.

So many women say they can’t get anything done around the house because they are holding the baby all day long.  

Well, hello Baby B’journe!

It was my BFF!

It’s perfect.  You can put your baby on you in the carrier and you can do anything you want around the house.

I used to do laundry, wash dishes, prep dinner, pick up around the house, etc.  all with the baby on me.

Its great because its also really great BONDING.

The baby gets to lay on your chest and smell mommy and spend some skin to skin time which is so important.

So I would actually (if I was home with no guest), would take my shirt off and place the baby on the carrier skin to skin.

Now you have NO EXCUSE for not being able to have your house organized and get things done.

7.  Take a Walk

8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn



I know I said this in part of “MY ROUTINE”, but its crucial to surviving those first few weeks without losing your sanity.

If I was feeling overwhelmed, cranky, tired or all of them, I would put my baby in the stroller and go outside.

The first few months until they get their shots are really hard because you really can’t go many places so its easy to fall into depression being stuck in the same 4 walls changing diapers, nursing, cleaning, calming cries, cooking, etc.

Whenever I was feeling poopy, I would go outside for some fresh air and light.

8.  Prayer, Meditation and Affirmations

8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn

This is huge!

Like I said, its very easy to fall into depression during this time with all the hormones and huge life change and lack of sleep.  So it’s important to set aside some time to pray, meditate and do affirmations.  

I would do affirmations when I nursed my baby.  I wrote a great post on INCREASING MILK SUPPLY where I go over this in more depth, but make sure to read it because it makes a huge difference.  

I would also pray when I nursed or pumped or was putting the baby to sleep.

When I would find myself frustrated and angry because the baby wouldn’t go to sleep, I would start praying and thanking God for this beautiful life he gave me and how blessed I was to have this child, etc.  

It helped me have more peace and I would calm down and then in turn, the baby would calm down too and fall asleep….. What a thing huh?  they feel everything we feel.

Well there you go, all the tips that helped me KEEP IT TOGETHER those first really hard months with a newborn.

And let me tell you, I felt great, I still cared for my hubby and home, I lost all my weight and felt good, my baby’s were sleeping the night and in a routine and I was super happy, but really really tired.  LOL  I won’t lie, I made the best of it and I got really good results and all of this really helped and I probably was less tired than some others, but I was still tired.  So just EMBRACE IT. you will be tired for a little while, but it gets better with time.


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8 Tips To Surviving The First Months With A Newborn