Supplements To Increase Breastfeeding Milk Supply

Supplements To Take To Increase Milk Supply When Nursing 

Nursing/Breastfeeding my babies was one of the best decisions I have made.

I remember hearing the horror stories about nursing and breastfeeding and how hard it was, but I wanted to do it anyways because I knew how beneficial it was for the baby.

I will never forget being in the hospital after just delivering my first baby (Nicholas), and a breastfeeding nurse came in the room to make sure the baby was latching on right and to just give me a little education on it.

She said one thing that forever changed me.

She said “do whatever you can to continue to nurse your baby, one drop of formula will completely change the gut of your baby”.  

Then she said “nursing also decreases your chances of breast cancer”.

I was sold.

Benefits of Nursing/Breastfeeding

  • Reduces mommy’s chances of breast cancer.
  • Good for the baby’s gut.
  • Immunity for the baby.
  • Protects baby from many diseases.
  • Protects child from obesity.
  • May lower risk of SIDS
  • Reduces stress in mom and risk of postpartum depression
  • Boosts childs’ intelligence.
  • Protects baby from developing allergies.
  • Helps mom lose weight faster and flatten the belly.

how-to-increase-milk-supply-with-supplementsI mean, I was planning on nursing anyways but after she said that I was determined to nurse my baby until it was time for real milk.

And I did it!

Was it easy?

Absolutely not!

My second baby was much easier to nurse and pump but my first was really hard.  

But worth it!

I didn’t produce a ton of milk, so pumping was really hard.  I remember pumping like 7-8 times a day for like 45 minutes each time and I would get like an ounce at a time.

It was so discouraging but I did it.

I fought through it using a ton of things to help me.  
I wrote a really great post on HOW TO INCREASE MILK SUPPLY and NURSING TIPS, click here to see it.

But before I give you the supplements that helped so much, I want to clarify that the best thing you can do is drink a lot of water and follow a healthy nutrition plan in order to have a healthy, fit and enjoyable pregnancy.  

And that everything you do now during pregnancy will affect everything after, if you need some guidance with what and how to eat, the MMF Pregnancy Nutrition & Diet Plan will help you tons.


I took a few supplements to help me with increasing milk supply and they were great.

Supplements To Increase Milk Supplysupplements-to-increase-milk-supply

** I gave you all the links on amazon where you can find them if you don’t want to have to drive to the store for them **

I get everything on Amazon 🙂

These supplements helped me tremendously.  As well as drinking tons and tons and tons of water, sleeping as much as I could, eating healthy and exercising.

Eating healthy makes a huge difference.



I nursed my son for 1 year. 

I cried terribly when he didn’t want it anymore.

It was hard but it was just the yummiest, most precious experience and just the best best best bonding time.

My daughter and second pregnancy I had an easier time nursing and pumping.   I produced so much more milk.


I also took all those supplements while nursing her.  

I think the reason it was better was because I was more calm since I was more experienced and had already nursed for a year.  
I also didn’t start nursing until a month after baby was born so I let her nurse as much as possible to increase supply before I started pumping.

With my son I was so stressed about producing enough milk that I started pumping from the first week.

But I was still lucky enough to be able to nurse him for a whole year and never had to give him formula.  woohoo.

I hope you can do it too!

Its so beneficial for both of you.

You know one more thing I hope that you can do too?


I did, both pregnancies.

I did my Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts and I only gained 20 lbs in each pregnancy.  And I felt amazing and had great labors.  I also was able to lose all my baby weight in just weeks and actually….. get in the best shape of my life (even with abs that I never had before).  And I really attribute it to eating healthy and exercising during my pregnancies.


There are so many benefits to exercise during pregnancy that you would be silly not to.  

So you have to exercise when you’re pregnant and nurse after LOL.

Then you will be A-oK!

No, seriously, you will and the chances for you ending up with postpartum depression will be way less.

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Pregnancy Diet Plan

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