Stop Obsessing Over Your Pregnancy Weight


Stop OBSESSING pregnancy weight gain

Are you obsessing over the scale?
Disappointed every time you step on the scale and see your weight go up?

Afraid it will go up uncontrollably and you will never be able to lose it?

I feel you.
I felt the same way…..
I was literally miserable every day when i saw that scale go up.


But then one day I had to have a heart to heart with myself, snap myself out of it, force myself to not step on the scale and change my mind set.

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And that is exactly what I want to talk about today.
I want to help you to stop obsessing over your weight and just enjoy your pregnancy.

Listen, no one wants you to have a healthier and more fit pregnancy than I do.
But you are focusing on the wrong things.


If you are stepping on the scale daily, or even every few days,  I NEED YOU TO STOP.


I’m not even kidding.
Stop today.


You are only going to make yourself crazy and more miserable by doing it.


With my first pregnancy, I started to do that because I was so afraid of gaining so much weight and ruining my body forever.


What would people say and think of me?stop obsessing over pregnancy weight gain
What would my husband think?
Would he find me attractive?
Will he think I’m sexy?


He will, and you will be fine, and you can actually get your body even better than pre-pregnancy.


But first you need to embrace the fact that YOU HAVE TO GAIN WEIGHT.
You are pregnant for heavens sake.


If you don’t gain weight, your baby doesn’t grow.

So just embrace the fact that you’re body WILL change, and YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT.


There is something so freeing about embracing the fact that you will gain weight.
And also BELIEVING with all your heart and mind that you can control the weight gain and how good or bad you feel.

Because you can!


First of all stepping on the scale every day and getting disappointed puts you in a state of stress and when that happens, you release hormones that make you gain more weight.


So stop it, just stop it…..  Seriously.

Just do something about it.


But your focus should be on doing things to help you create a good environment for your baby to grow and flourish in, eating healthy so that you can feel energized and confident.  


Not a freaking number!


  • Want to gain just enough weight that you will lose it within weeks of having the baby?
  • Want to feel healthy and fit during your pregnancy?
  • Want to create a healthy environment for your baby to grow in?


Than do something about it.
Focus on what you’re doing about it and not on a number.


If you have been stressing over the weight, then maybe what you need is just some guidance, a plan, a strategy, something to focus on and work on other than stepping on the scale and getting upset and disappointed.


You’re in like a vicious cycle.
Break it, my friend.


If you are already doing my program, you are way ahead of most pregnant women, but what you may need to do is:

1.  Have that heart to heart with yourself
2.  Embrace the weight gain
3.  Re-focus.
4.  Write down what you’re going to focus on on a sheet of paper and read it daily.
5.  Commit to NOT stepping on the scale until your next OB visit.


If you want or need help and you are tired of stepping on the scale and getting disappointed, I got you.

Maybe its time you stopped feeling bad for yourself and stopped getting pissed off about the number on the scale and just did something about it.


Maybe its time you made an investment in YOU.
So that you can enjoy your pregnancy more.
So that you won’t be disappointed after you have the baby.


Be proactive, but please, please, stop focusing on the number on the scale.
That won’t get you anywhere but more stressed, more angry, more disappointed and you will miss out on one of the greatest gifts on earth……….  CARRYING YOUR BABY.


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stop obsessing over pregnancy weight gain