Prenatal Exercises To Keep The Thighs Slim & Trim

Prenatal Exercises To Keep The Thighs Slim & Trim 

Starting a prenatal exercise program should be a priority when you find out you are pregnant.  

The first thing you have to do is get medical clearance from your doctor in order to engage in a prenatal exercise routine.  Once you do then you are ready to have a super fit and super healthy pregnancy.  And as long as you exercise and eat healthy, you will have an amazing pregnancy.

I did, I did my Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts!  I had 2 amazing pregnancies and I only gained 20 lbs in each pregnancy!  I also lost it all in less than a month.  It was so worth it to invest a few hours a week to my health and fitness during my pregnancy.


And its not just me.  

I work with thousands of pregnant women on a daily basis who also are doing my Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts and they get very similar results.  So exercise during pregnancy is the best thing you can do.

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Most women, UNFORTUNATELY, end up hating being pregnant because they gain so much weight that they feel horrible, big, and sluggish.  Most women gain a ton of weight in the thighs and lower body.  So today, I want to share with you 2 of my favorite exercises that I did for the lower body when I was pregnant. These prenatal exercises are good to do through all trimesters.  Just go at your own pace and intensity.

Look at what one of my Fit Mom-To-Be’s said about her legs…


I’m telling you, the benefits of exercise during pregnancy are crazy.  

You have to invest some time and energy into it.  (you can see the benefits to exercise during pregnancy here)

Also, here are 5 super safe pregnancy core exercises that you can do at home, and you can see the video of how to do each exercise so make sure to click here also.

Now, before I give you these exercises that will help you be toned during your pregnancy, I have to give you some other tips…..  Some nutrition tips, because the reality is that if you exercise everyday but you don’t make good choices with your food, then you will not only end up gaining tons of weight, but you may end up with gestational diabetes and a mess of other problems.  

It’s not worth it.

Pregnancy shouldn’t be your excuse to eat like crap.  It should be your motivation to be the healthiest you have ever been.  Cuz guess what?

It all affects your baby too.

Even the exercise.  Check this out……


Pregnancy Nutrition Tips

I know you are probably a little frustrated like most pregnant women, because your OB hasn’t educated you much on Pregnancy Nutrition.

It’s actually quite frustrating for me…….

Aside from giving you a list of foods you should NOT eat, and weighing you in every week, that is pretty much it.  And it’s insane because what you eat doesn’t just affect YOU!   It affects the baby as well.

Its very easy to say “you have to slow down with your weight gain”, but not give you any tools or resources to help you.

But you have to control what you eat and not use this pregnancy as an excuse to “Eat For 2”.  I mean you don’t by any means have to diet.  I certainly didn’t and I did allow myself some splurges.  I would eat a bagel a week which I normally don’t when I’m not pregnant, I usually stick to oatmeal which I love.  But you just have to make GOOD CHOICES.  You should want to anyways because everything you are eating now is affecting your little baby.  So make good choices girlfriend.

So here is what I’m going to do for you.  I’m going to give you a NUTRITION GUIDE with exactly what to eat, all the RECIPES, good SNACK OPTIONS, etc.  So that you can get an idea of how you should be eating during your pregnancy so that you can be healthy, be creating the best possible environment for your baby, and so that you don’t gain EXCESS WEIGHT so that you are not super uncomfortable all during pregnancy and feeling huge and self conscious.  And so that you can lose all your baby weight fast postpartum.

I made this 2-Week Nutrition Guide to give away for FREE to all my pregos because I work with so many in my Fit Mom-To-Be Workout Program that always have so many NUTRITION questions.  So, I figured I would make this in an easy to read, print and follow way to help you take the guesses out of how to eat optimally during your pregnancy.

If you follow it and you EXERCISE, you will not just have a great pregnancy but you will feel CONFIDENT, RADIENT, GLOWING.  You won’t be uncomfortable and have aches and pains because you’ve gained so much weight.  You will have an easier labor and delivery.  You will sleep better, have more energy.  And you will seriously decrease your chances of falling into POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION.

I can’t wait for you to get this Nutrition Guide, the recipes are amazing, and there are so many different options for snacks. You are going to love it.  Download it here (It’s totally FREE):  PREGNANCY NUTRITION GUIDE.

I hope you will take advantage of this Nutrition Guide and print it out and do it.

You are going to love the meals. They are super yummy, you will not even believe that they are so healthy.

I followed them myself during both my pregnancies and I think that is why I lost my baby weight so fast and the reason why I was able to get in the best shape of my life after.  If i would have had tons of weight to lose, I would have never been able to do this.


I hope you are motivated to do exercise during pregnancy.  It will totally help you have a much better pregnancy.  You will actually be able to enjoy it and you will also be decreasing your chances of postpartum depression.  

Isn’t that in it of itself worth it?

If you don’t know where to start or what is safe to do or not during pregnancy, I will be happy to have you join thousands of my Fit Mom’s To Be and I will be honored to be your pregnancy coach for the next few months so that I can help you have a super healthy and fit pregnancy.

You will love the Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts, and the best is that its only 3 workouts per week.  Couple that with 2 20-Minute cardio workouts and you are well on your way to a super fit pregnancy.

By the way, if you want to read up a little more on My Pregnancy Stories, I think you will learn tons from them and I know that you will be inspired to take more action to have a healthier pregnancy for you and your baby!

I have tons of sample pregnancy workout and diet tips on My Pinterest Page, so make sure to go there now and hit Follow All so that you can have easy access to it all and its all nice and organized for you to find easily.

Tons of great healthy recipes too that will help you with your pregnancy diet.  Don’t forget to download your Nutrition Guide, it will help you tons.

These 2 exercises are for the thighs and they are safe to do during pregnancy.

Here is another pregnancy workout that will help you prevent excess weight in the thighs.  I hope you give this one a try, its a circuit.

Pregnancy Exercises to prevent excess weight gain in the thighs.

Prenatal Exercises To Slim & Tone The Thighs

Hip Extensions

Plie Squats

Prenatal exercising is easy if you have a safe and effective workout to do.  I promise it will be worth it.  You will feel great and look great.   So join the hundreds of pregnant women that are doing my Fit-To-Be Mom Workouts.  Monthly Pregnancy Workouts that will slim and tone your thighs and arms and help you prevent excess weight gain, increase your energy and help you get fit and lose the baby weight in no time.  Check them out here:  Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts.

Don’t believe me as to how important exercising and healthy nutrition is during pregnancy.  Check it out in the news.   NEWS about Pregnancy Fitness & Nutrition, check it out so you can see how important it is for you to exercise during pregnancy.

Here are some Fun Fashion Tips to help you look cuter and not as big during pregnancy LOL.

You can get all my exercise and nutrition tips, articles, workouts and recipes for pregnancy on My Pinterest Boards.  I have one for Pregnancy Nutrition & Recipes and one for Pregnancy Exercise & Workouts


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