The TRUTH About How I Was Able To ONLY Gain 20 lbs During Both My Pregnancies While Still Consuming All The Best Nutrients My Babies Needed And NEVER Feeling Like I Was On A Diet By Following This Way Of Eating!

Freaking Out About The Weight Gain?

Is It Piling On Too Quickly?

Did You Know You Can Slow It Down & Lessen The Weight Gain With Your Nutrition...... Even Without Exercise?

Wouldn't It Be Amazing To Have Your Baby & Just Weeks Later Be At Your PRE-PREGNANCY Weight?

Stick Around & I'll Show You How To Do That With Just The Food You Eat......  And Don't You Worry, It's NO "Diet Food", It's Delicious & Simple Meals.

PREGOHi, I'm Michelle Marie and I have helped "THOUSANDS" of PREGNANT WOMEN have a healthy and fit pregnancy for many years.  

I know how overwhelming it can be to be pregnant, not know what to eat, NOT KNOW WHAT THE BABY NEEDS, not have energy, feel sick, and FEAR gaining a ton of weight and then even worse.........  Never being able to lose it and never get "YOUR BODY BACK".

Most women gain IN EXCESS of 30, 40, 50 lbs during their pregnancy, which is why most women have such a hard time during it, and I partly blame the doctors.  

Even though they do encourage you to control weight gain, they really don't educate you as to what the best options are and how to make it happen.


So that is what I did here for you.MMF_26-(ZF-4003-51614-1-011)

I took the guesses out, I made detailed meal plans with delicious, comforting, yet healthy meals and recipes that will help you control weight gain while making sure your baby gets the right nutrients and that you are able to have great energy and feel good.


How awesome is that?


Why It's So Important For You To Care About What You Eat During Pregnancy!

It's crazy how many things can go wrong during a pregnancy.


I never thought about these things with my first baby (Nico), I think I was just young and unexperienced.


But as the years went by, I heard stories......

And then I experienced them.


I am not telling you this to scare you at all, I'm telling you this because it scared me, I learned a lesson, and I want you to also so that you can have a healthy and happy baby and pregnancy.


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I ended up with:


  • Placenta Previa and bed rest for 4 months.
  • A full blown fracture of my big toe at 7 months (on crutches).
  • The Flu.
  • Ultrasound and tests that were skeptical about the baby having down syndrome, spinal bifeda, and a few more genetic chromosome diseases.
  • Pregnancy Induced Hypothyroidism


So many things ran through my head but one thing was for certain and that was that I was going to do everything I could to create a healthy and good environment for my baby to grow and flourish in.


It no longer was just about "not gaining a lot of weight" and "looking fit during pregnancy", it was beyond that.


I was determined.

I was motivated.

I was inspired.


So after I had Anabelle, I had already had my Fit Mom To Be Pregnancy Workout Program for many years.


But at this point I knew that NUTRITION affected the baby and my health even more than exercise, so I created this Pregnancy Diet Plan.  


And  I am beyond happy to be able to share it with you in hopes it will also create a healthier environment for YOUR BABY to grow in.


And that BY DEFAULT........  You will also:


What You Can Expect From This Pregnancy Nutrition Plan

  • Control Pregnancy Weight Gain
  • Prevent Stretch Marks & More Cellulite
  • Gain More Energy & Less Fatigue
  • Ensure A Faster & Easier Delivery
  • Prevent "Getting Big"
  • Reduce Chances of Feeling Sick (morning sickness)
  • Don't Worry About Food Restrictions (I show you what not to eat)
  • Get All The Nutrients Your BABY Needs
  • Lessen Aches & Pains (prevent low back pain)
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Don't Stress or Worry About What To Eat


I think you are probably a lot like

You probably LOVE FOOD.

You probably LOVE TO EAT.

You may even feel like you shouldn't tell anyone that because in order to be fit like these Instagram/Facebook moms, you should basically not eat much at all LOL

 But after being a health & fitness coach for almost 20 years, I now know that actually.......  If you eat more (of the healthy foods), you can get better results. 

Because I love to eat and because I'm a foodie, I was scared that during pregnancy, I was going to want to eat everything in sight.

So knowing how I was feeling......

  • Tired
  • Hungry all the time
  • Craving comforting food

 I began to research pregnancy and the nutrient needs for the baby and I coupled that with my nutrition experience and knowledge (of 20 years) and my foodie/cooking knowledge (taught cooking classes for years) and I made MYSELF the best freakin' meal plan ever.

 I really came up with this Pregnancy Diet Plan for myself.

And it was so good and so effective at helping me CONTROL WEIGHT GAIN when I wasn't able to exercise, that I needed to share it with YOU.


photo-jul-23-8-46-32-amYep, I wasn't able to exercise for most of my pregnancy because of Placenta Previa and being on bed rest and then a Toe Fracture which had me on crutches, a boot and at that point when it was almost healed I started to do short little wimpy workouts.

Here is a picture of me working out with my crutches.

 I was so afraid that I was going to gain so much weight because I was so inactive for most of my pregnancy.

I had heard all the horror stories of the WEIGHT GAIN, CELLULITE AND STRETCH MARKS.  

And I thought that it would happen to me.

I didn't think I could control myself with the food plus not moving, I was gonna get HUGE.

But I didn't.

Thanks to the awesome Pregnancy Diet Plan that I created for myself I only gained 20 lbs.

Yes only 20 lbs, the same weight I gained with my first pregnancy which I exercised for the entire thing.

I did it!

And I loved my meals, I didn't feel deprived.

My meals were easy to make, delicious, comforting.

Everything I wanted and needed.

Plus, it felt soooooo good knowing that my baby was getting such huge benefits from all the great nutrients in the meal plan.



  • Detailed Meal Plans you can easily stick to.
  • Meals include foods you "should eat" during pregnancy & omits the foods you need to "stay away" from so there is no confusion.
  • Structure so you can easily follow along
    and don't feel "OVERWHELMED".


  • Printable shopping lists to make your shopping faster and easier.
  • All foods and ingredients you can find at your local grocery store.
  • Saves you time so you only go to the grocery store once per week.



  • Comforting
    meals that are healthy so you feel energized and happy.
  • Quick & Easy recipes using "normal" ingredients you probably already have at home.
  • On the go meals to make your life easier since your energy isn't high.
  • Meals that are filling so you feel satisfied.
  • Tons of delicious snack ideas and recipes so you are never hungry nor ever feel sick.





One that has been created from ONE PREGNANT FOOD LOVING MOMMA to another.

You are going to love this Pregnancy Meal Plan.

And if you are thinking....... What the heck, I'm pregnant, that is my excuse to EAT!

Think again..... please please please, think again.


It's not worth it.

Not only because of the weight gain.......

But because it affects your little bundle of joy!


I have never spoken or met one woman who said they did that and didn't REGRET IT every single day of their life after.

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NOTE:  This plan is designed for women that are pregnant and want to enjoy a healthy, fit and balanced pregnancy.  This is the plan that I followed during both my pregnancies to only gain 20 lbs in each one and feel energized, healthy and fit.  Thousands of pregnant women have had similar results gaining 20-35 lbs and feeling amazing.

This is a nutrition sample plan to guide you through a healthy pregnancy, not a diet.  And is intended for use of pregnant women who have not been diagnosed with any special diagnosis.

Please make sure you have medical clearance for exercise and a healthy nutrition.

This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advise, diagnosis or treatment.

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