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The Best Tips & Tricks To Help You During Pregnancypreg

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How much should I eat? Should I eat for 2?


I talk about Eating for 2 here and show you my “Sample Menu” when I was pregnant, here.


What if I am having lots of FOOD AVERSIONS, especially to protein?


It happened to me in both my pregnancies, but I came up with some really great tips and recipes for those super yukky weeks. Checkout what you can do about it here so you can keep it healthy and not gain half your pregnancy weight in the first trimester.


What if I have Morning Sickness?

Here is a trick I came up with that has helped thousands of pregnant women get rid of morning sickness, check it out here.


Do you have any recipes I can make that are good during pregnancy?


You can find tons of Pregnancy Recipes that are super yummy and healthy on My Pinterest Page.   So make sure go there now and hit “Follow All” so you can have access to them all.  


You can also download my 

2-Week “Sample” Nutrition Guide for you with a detailed menu, recipes, shopping lists and tons more pregnancy diet tips.  Download it here.


Is there any type of meal plan or diet that can help me all my pregnancy?


My  PREGNANCY DIET MEAL PLAN, its easy to follow, the recipes are delicious, comforting and super easy to make.


Are there any protein bars that are safe during pregnancy?

Yes, and I love them.   These are the only protein bars that are made of 100% natural ingredients so its actually like eating real food.  They are organic, they have no GMO’s and they are so yummy.  They are the Dale’s Protein Bars and are safe to eat during pregnancy.



What are the Exercise Rules during Pregnancy?

My number one advise that I give pregnant women is to EXERCISE.

Check out all the benefits of exercise during pregnancy as well as the rules of exercise here.

Also, here are some Pregnancy Exercise Guidelines


Can I workout hard?  What should my workout intensity be during pregnancy?

First, you need to make sure you have clearance from your doctor in order to exercise.  Then, see what I have to say about exercise and intensity here.

I exercised both my pregnancies and only gained 20 lbs in each and lost all my weight literally in like 2-3 weeks.  And the ladies that do my Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts also get very similar results.  So see what I have to say about that here.


What exercises should I avoid during pregnancy?

 Here are some guidelines.


Can I work my Core during pregnancy?

Actually, you totally have to if you don’t want to end up with a postpartum pooch for years after having your baby.

Also, if you don’t want to suffer from back pain your entire pregnancy and you want to have an easier and stronger labor and delivery, you really need to work your core during pregnancy and here is why, some benefits and some exercises for the core that are safe during pregnancy.  Click here