How To Overcome The “No Energy-No Time Mom Syndrome” that doesn’t allow us to reach our MOM POTENTIAL.

If lack of time & energy are preventing you from your best MOM-BOD… this is for you.

I define mom-potential as living in a state where you are imperfectly perfect.

Sh*t happens, you have bad days and good days.

  • Days you feel like you got it together.
  • And days where you feel like the HOT MESS EXPRESS.
  • Times when you feel present and energized for your kids.
  • Days you feel bloated and gross.
  • Days you feel sexy.
  • And moments that take you over with MOM-GUILT.

But overall…. “you are living your best mom-life”… you’re in great shape, you are confident, you can wear any clothes you want and feel good about it, you have energy to keep up with the kids and you feel comfortable in your own skin.

It would be amazing to be living your best mom-life, right?

How come it’s so hard?

It’s hard because:

  • “Other” moms and friends tell us it’s close to impossible to get our body back, so we’ve lost belief we can do it.
  • We’re so busy with the kids that we don’t have time for ourselves.
  • We don’t have a good schedule down, so it feels overwhelming to add anything else to it.
  • We feel guilty spending time, energy and money on ourselves when our kids need us so much.
  • Nothing has worked in the past.
  • We don’t even know where to begin.

So what do we do….. NOTHING…. Give up and sacrifice ourselves, our confidence, our happiness and our potential.

Here’s why NOTHING HAS WORKED in the past.

It’s time to change your mind-set, get new goals, and start living your best mom-life.

  1. A lot of these programs, diets, detoxes, workouts….. aren’t realistic for a busy mom.
  2. Moms can’t afford to do life without carbs and counting calories and eating close to nothing…. We need energy to keep up with the kids.
  3. The 4-6-8 week workout programs get boring after a while and so we stop doing them.  Doing the same workouts all the time also makes your body plateau.  Plateau = No Changes.
  4. We need help incorporating the exercise, shopping, cooking and eating into our busy mom-life.
  5. Doing just cardio will never work.
  6. You’ve gone about it ALONE, without a coach or a community of busy moms like yourself who understand you, support you and encourage you.
  7. It’s hard to stick to a diet and a workout when you don’t even really understand it or believe in it.
  8. You haven’t done all the things you need to do for a long enough period of time to see the results.

If we could seamlessly incorporate exercise and eating right into our busy mom-life and in a way that is enjoyable and that doesn’t overwhelm us, wouldn’t that be amazing?

And not only amazing for us…. Amazing for our kids and husband, work, home… EVERYTHING.!

Why?  Because…

  1. Feeling good about yourself will help with your relationship with your spouse.
  2. Being in shape will give you the energy you need to keep up with the kids.
  3. Being in the best shape of your life will help give you more confidence at work.
  4. Being in a good place motivates you to push harder and excel in every other aspect of your life.
  5. You deserve it, mama!  Enough sacrificing yourself, being the best version of you is the best gift you can give to your family.

The RIGHT KIND OF WORKOUTS that are CONSTANTLY CHANGING so that you not only NOT get bored, but also omit the DREADED PLATEAU is going to be key in not just losing weight but also in getting super toned (even better than before kids).

So, don’t give up on feeling like a bad ass mom…. Like you got your sh*t together and feel good about yourself,  feel strong and confident because it’s totally possible and you’re doing yourself a huge disservice by giving up on yourself because you think you don’t have time, energy or just don’t think it’s possible at this point because of your prior attempts.

You did not fail…. Your prior attempts did!

When you learn how to combine foods that make your body burn fat even while eating and you actually enjoy what you eat and you’re able to find the time to exercise because the workouts aren’t long and gruesome, you realize that its actually pretty darn SIMPLE to get in the best shape of your life.

It’s 100% possible for you to get in the best shape of your life, but you may need the following…

  1. Not just a “diet” but a way of eating that is reasonable, realistic and enjoyable for a busy mom.
  2. You may need to understand a little more about food, dieting, exercise, organization, time management in order to start being able to create food plans and exercise plans that are right for YOU!
  3. Workouts that are constantly changing so that you don’t get bored and quit… so that you don’t ever hit the dreaded plateau and are able to be more consistent with exercise because you see the results.
  4. A ridiculous amount of recipes, meal plans, shopping lists to help you not get bored with eating healthy.
  5. Some strategies that only the top experts know so that you can take results to another level and actually get in better shape than before kids.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, to get in better shape, to feel like yourself again… or maybe even to look and feel better than everrrrrr, but you haven’t been able to, it’s easy to quit.

It’s even easy to fall in the TRAP of trying the next free Pinterest or YouTube workout or to piece together the Instagram girls 4-week workout with the Facebook recipes you found, but I would like to gently suggest and encourage you to PUT YOURSELF FIRST.  To go all in with more of a long-term workout plan and eating strategy that is right for your busy mom life.

Maybe that’s what you need… think long-term, don’t think easy way out, quick little fixes that leave you feeling miserable.

I invite you and encourage you to find a better way, cuz when you find it, you realize your potential and yes, it’s work, cuz hey, what in life worth having doesn’t take work…. But its so manageable and so worth it, when you find the RIGHT WAY.


Michelle Marie

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