How I Went From An Obsessive Dieter & Overweight To The Best Shape Of My Life Without Dieting

I have been on this journey for almost 20 years.

I remember looking through the pages of shape, oxygen and fitness magazines as a teenager looking for the “diet” or “workout routine” that would help me look like those girls in there did.



I tried it all.

I did the soup diet, the cookie diet, the low carb diet, the diet pills, an hour of cardio everyday on an empty stomach…… I really did try it all.



But nothing ever worked.

Well, let me rephrase that, nothing ever stuck.


Some of those things would make me lose a few pounds but I was never able to stick to any of the things that helped me lose those few pounds so I always gained them back.

I mean, hello, of course I was going to lose weight by eating just soup 5 times a day.


Who wouldn’t?


But the reality was that I couldn’t JUST eat soup for the rest of my life.

So what would happen was that as soon as I would start eating “NORMAL” again, I would gain the weight back.


Has that ever happened to you?
Have you tried a new diet?

The paleo diet?

Cutting carbs?


Diet Pills?


But as soon as you stopped those things, you gained all the weight you lost back?


I feel you!


Actually one day, late into my career as a fitness and health coach, I started to question myself.

I sort of felt like I was lying to everyone, especially to all my clients.


Here I was telling everyone to eat a certain way, to count calories, to basically deprive themselves of everything they enjoyed.

It was what I was doing and what all of my colleagues and people in the fitness industry were doing as well.


But one day I started to question myself.


I remember asking myself a few questions.

· “Will I really be able to eat like this forever?”
· “Will I be able to keep this up forever?”
· “Will I ever not care about food and obsess about it so much?”
· “Is this really a lifestyle for me because I really just feel like I’m on a constant diet”?


In that moment I realized that if I kept doing what I was doing I was never going to lose the weight I wanted and look the way I wanted and feel the way I wanted because I knew that I couldn’t maintain that kind of lifestyle.


I couldn’t feel deprived all the time, hungry all the time, and not enjoying myself. I knew I wouldn’t be able to be consistent with how I was eating. And it didn’t take a genius to figure

out that CONSISTNECY of doing something right was what was going to get me the results I so badly wanted.

Even though I ate healthy most of the time, when I wasn’t eating healthy because I was having a “CHEAT MEAL or DAY”, I was basically binge eating.



I was out of control.

I would eat a bag of trail mix (m&m’s and peanuts) in like 30 seconds.
That is not normal.
I didn’t want to live this way.

All I did was look forward to the weekend all week for the day that I would actually be able to enjoy what I ate.

That is no way to live.

It just made me obsess more.
I was unhappy.


I didn’t like the way I looked and all my hard work wasn’t even worth it.


I hated everything I was eating, I hated having to measure my food and count calories. I hated eating the same things all the time. I hated eating so bland and boring. I hated having to make sacrifices all day long. It just didn’t seem right. And all it did was put me in a bad place.


It didn’t feel like it was “a lifestyle” and here I was telling all my clients about adopting this healthy lifestyle.

From that moment on, I started making some changes.

It took a few years of learning and trial and error but I can sit here today and tell you it was well worth it.


I can sit here today and look you straight in the eyes and tell you:

· I love eating healthy.
· I never, ever, ever feel like I’m on a diet.
· I eat something different all the time and I truly enjoy everything what I eat.
· I don’t measure my food.
· I don’t count calories.
· I don’t do a ton of cardio (actually I barely do cardio).
· I indulge in foods I like in a very moderate way.
· I am in total control and it feels so darn good.


And I am now in the best shape of my life and I have been able to maintain this way for over 5 years. And guess what….. That is after going through 2 pregnancies.

Yep, I am in better shape now than before I had kids. Actually, way better shape!




One of the things that made a huge change in my body was getting rid of the 5 foods I told you about a few days ago.

Those foods are no longer a part of my life.


Now I won’t lie, I do have an occasional glass of wine with my husband and I will share a dessert with my kids but for most of the time, I eat super healthy and those foods are not a part of my everyday like they used to. It’s all about moderation and balance.


I started to focus more on digestion and getting rid of inflammation in my digestive track so that I could position myself to burn fat more effectively all the time. That is why I want you to take those 5 foods out of your diet as well. I know the impact doing so will have on your body and life.


I also realized that those efforts to heal digestion by getting rid of foods that are inflammatory were far more effective than trying to starve myself, eat foods I didn’t enjoy, count calories and weigh food(basically, OBSESS).

I started to really see changes in my body.


During this time I also focused on learning everything I could about healthy cooking.

I immersed myself in healthy cooking for many years. And I am now happy and proud to say that I am a freakin’ expert at healthy cooking.


I can make any meal healthy and tasty.


And that, my friend, is one of the biggest keys to my ongoing health and fitness success, that and meal planning.


Nothing beats enjoying what I eat every single meal of every single day, never feeling deprived, always feeling satisfied, not having to obsess over food and measure it and count calories and points. Yet still feel amazing and live in the best shape of my life.


If you have ever felt like me or done any of the things I just told you, then you will totally get me and you and I will be good friends forever.

If you decide that you want to continue measuring and weighing your food and counting calories, and doing diet after diet……. Well, we may not get along as well as I thought, but hey, you never know.



So stick with me anyways, because you may end up making some changes that will really, really, really make you happy.

· If you do want to change.
· If you do want to stop obsessing over what you ate or what you are going to eat.
· If you want to be able to enjoy what you eat and at the same time be able to lose weight and look and feel the way you desire.
· If you want to stop doing diets.
· If you want to stop going up and down in weight and yo-yo dieting.
· If you want to not have to measure and weigh and count the food you eat.
· If you want to feel in control and happy.
· If you want to love and accept yourself.
· If you want to live a balanced life.


Stick with me!

I am going to let you into my life and the experiences that have not only brought me, amazing results that I live by and can maintain. But they have helped thousands of other people as well.

One of the things that has helped me the most on this eating healthy and losing weight and keeping it off journey, has been MEAL PLANNING.

I am the freakin’ master of meal planning.

Which is why I created the MMF Healthy Meal Plans.

It is an E-Book with 6-months worth of delicious, easy to follow, detailed daily meal plans for 6 months (that is half of a year).

· Foods that have been strategically placed together to optimize fat burning.
· Foods that have been strategically placed together to make you feel satisfied and happy.
· Meals that have been put together to diminish craving and binge eating.
· Meals you don’t have to weigh and measure but still help you lose fat.
· Meals that are easy and quick to make because God knows I am busy and I know you are too.
· Meals that the entire family can eat because nothing bothers me more than having to cook 3 different meals for dinner.

Mastering Meal Planning has changed my life and my body and it has helped thousands of people I have worked with.

I hope that you will use my meal plan calendar wisely.

I hope that you will make it a part of your lifestyle and that you can get to the point where you can enjoy what you eat and not feel deprived and not be obsessive about food and exercise and that you can be and stay in the best shape of your life.

· If you don’t want to be obsessive about food anymore.
· If you don’t want to have to measure your food and count calroies.
· If you don’t want to gain and lose and gain and lose weight again.
· If you are tired of the diets.
· If you are tired of forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t like in an attempt to do the next “fad diet”.
· If you are tired of not knowing what to eat every day and for each meal.
· If you want your family to eat healthier too.
· If you are tired of being embarrassed about how you look.
· If you are tired of feeling out of control.
· If you are tired of binge eating.

You can’t afford not to meal plan.
You can’t afford not to take the 5 foods out of your diet and detoxify your body from inflammatory foods.

I hope you enjoy my calendar. If you haven’t downloaded it yet (its free), click here to do so and remember that you will get a new meal plan calendar every month.

And if you don’t want to waste anymore time and you want to ensure that you always, I mean always have a plan for the rest of your life so that you don’t ever obsess over food again, or do any silly diets and deprive yourself again. Then maybe you need to just follow the MMF Healthy Meal Plans yourself.

This E-Book is a 6-Month Plan. You can just repeat it gain when its over and you will only be repeating meal plans twice a year.

You will never need another meal plan ever again.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I know you will enjoy the results LOL

I’m super proud of it and for less than $8 a month you have a meal plan that will last you a lifetime. If you don’t want to start with a more complete program like MMF Healthy Meal Plans E-Book , you may want to start with the MMF Weeknight Meals, a 2-Week Meal Plan Program that will teach you and show you how you can actually eat, a lot and good food and still lose weight and see results.

 I’m pretty sure soon, when you are really fed up with going up and down in weight, not losing weight, doing more diets and depriving yourself some more, you will be. And I don’t take it to heart. I will be here for you anyways. To encourage you and cheer you on.

By the way, the MMF Healthy Meal Plans E-Book, comes with a BONUS of 6 months worth of Weight Training Workouts and Cardio Workouts that can be done even at home and they take 20-30 minutes and they were created to speed fat loss and build long and lean muscles so that you will look tight and toned with your weight loss from your “diet”.