Glad You Stayed!

Being a mom is a super rewarding and tough job isn’t it?

The struggle is REAL!

I know how hard it is to balance being a present mother, working, cooking, having a decently organized home and trying to have some sort of a social life.

I know that one of the biggest struggles we have is getting in shape, feeling good in our own skin, confident…..figuring out how to cook healthy meals, exercise.. and keep it all together LOL

It’s because we are so focused on our kids (not a bad thing), that causes us to put less effort and energy into taking care of ourselves.

But in the long term, that will be a huge mistake.

So my goal is to help you prioritize yourself a little more so that you can feel great about yourself.

So that if your dream or goal or aspiration is to be a fit mom, YOU CAN BE!

I want to give you a few links here to start reading through when you get a chance…

Just some great info that will help motivate you and remind you that YOU are important also and that with a little support (from me) and some great tips, you can be back on the journey to making yourself better.

A few links will be some prior emails I sent that maybe you didn’t open.

Others will be a few good blog posts, recipes that will maybe get you motivated again.

And trust me… your entire family will benefit when you feel good about yourself.

I’m so glad you decided to not break up LOL

I will continue to email you 1-2 times a week just to give you some good tips, or show you something helpful.

I know how hard it is to be a “balanced” mom and to feel like you have your Sh*t together so my goal is to always give you super helpful tips.

Stay in touch, I always read all my replies so if you ever feel the need to reply, please do so and make sure you open up all my emails 🙂

Great Tips For Moms

You can read these at your own pace, its just some tips and things to help you get back into the groove of investing a little time on yourself.

Ok, there’s so many more recipes, workouts, and tons of tips to help you in your journey to becoming a Fit Mom! But I don’t want to overwhelm you.

I just wanted to reach out and remind you I’m here for you and to remind YOU, that you matter and that YOU feeling good about yourself will benefit not just you, but your family, career…. everything. I know its hard to remember that because of the darn MOM GUILT we constantly live with, but I wanted to give you the little reminder.

Ok, chat soon!

Michelle Marie