Brides Weight Loss Plan

A Fat Burning Workout 


If you were like me when I was engaged…… you are working full time, planning a wedding (2nd job), and trying to still spend time with fiancé, family, and have some time for yourself.  That little time for yourself is usually spent trying to get in shape for wedding day.  So I have devised a bride weightloss program for you.

I know that it can be hard and that time isn’t abundant.  But girlfriend, you can still do it!  I promise, when you look and feel so good on your wedding day….it will be all worth it.

You can have effective workouts from the convenience of your home.  So what I am going to do is give you a bride weightloss exercise program that you can do from home.  This bride exercise routine will be short (I know you are pressed for time).  But it will also be effective at burning fat and getting you lean.

One important point before I give you the goods…….You can only do this workout for 3-4 weeks.  If you continue to do it thereafter, your body will plateau and not see results.  At that point it is time to completely change the program.

The SAMPLE bride weight loss routine I am about to give you includes only one of the 3 days.  Your weight-training workouts should be 3 per week in order to really see results.  Weight-training burns tons of calories even after the workout, and it is the ONLY way to get lean and tight muscles in the arms and thighs.


A1. 20 Plie Squat
A2. 20 Stationary Lunges
A3. 20 Static knee extensions

60 seconds jump roping

B1. 20 Stability Ball Dumbbell Presses
B2. 20 Stability Ball fly’s
B3. 20 push-ups (on knees if necessary)

60 seconds jump roping

C1. 20 Stability Ball leg curls
C2. 20 Stability Ball hip extensions
C3. 20 Single leg reaches

60 seconds jump roping

D1. 20 Dumbbell rows
D2. 20 Tubing lat pulldowns
D3. 20 reverse fly’s

Perform 2 sets of each circuit, followed by 60 seconds of jump roping.  For example:  perform all 3 exercises in circuit “A”, jump rope, and then start again with the beginning of circuit “A”.  Then continue to circuit “B”.

This Bride Weightloss Fitness Program (sample), is highly effective at burning fat and getting you lean.  You can do it from the convenience of your own home… no more excuses.

I hope that you get motivated enough to continue working out and eating right so that you can look your best for your BIG DAY!

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