3 Supplements That Help With Fat Burning

3 Supplements That Help With Fat Burning



I have never been a huge fan of supplements and definitely never a fan of fat burners.


Actually, I had a friend that passed away from a heart attack from taking too many fat burners (ripped fuel).


I used to take one before I worked out many years ago, and since then, (I was about 20), I never touched them again.


After I had my first son, I started taking a few supplements and to my surprise, they were extremely effective.


I did a lot of research and testing and now I do have a few supplements that I take on a daily basis. Natural supplements. Not fat burners, but natural supplements that help get your body in a position to burn fat more effectively on its own.


Sounds pretty darn amazing right?


Well, it works, so I figured I would share those with you because they will help you.


So, you know by now the importance of getting rid of inflammation in your digestive track so that you can burn fat more effectively.


Since its impossible to never eat some of those inflammatory foods again, you will get some inflammation. But if you take these supplements, they will help get rid of the inflammation faster.


I get all of my supplements online because I have found the best quality and for the best price and online has been the way to go.


So I will share with you where I get mine in case you don’t have a local nutrition spot that you know and trust.


Supplement #1:


Glutamine: Glutamine is an amino acid that is depleted in your body when you exercise. It helps reduce inflammation in your gut, so that you can burn fat more effectively. It also helps secret human growth hormone, which will help you in gaining lean and toned muscle. It also helps protect muscle breakdown and helps with recovery, which is crucial if you exercise. It’s also really good for immune function. I take this daily in my protein shake. I get one from Amazon. It’s a really good quality and the price is really good too. Here is the link to glutamine.


Supplement #2:


Greens:  Powdered greens help alkalinize your body and also help reduce inflammation. I add these to my post-workout shake along with glutamine.


Supplement #3:


Liquid Vitamin B: If you are a high stress, type A personality, you will definitely benefit form B Vitamins. If you don’t sleep enough hours a night or don’t have good quality of sleep, you will also benefit from B Vitamins. If you have a stressful job or small children, B vitamins will be your best friend. Lack of sleep and stress increase your cortisol levels. When this happens, it is incredibly hard to lose fat and you also tend to hold the weigh in your midsection. Liquid B Vitamins will help you with that. I use these from Amazon because they are very good quality. They are a bit pricey, but most vitamins out there are such garbage that you don’t even absorb them. It’s important for them to be in liquid form. I swear by this and I take it daily. It helps me be in better shape and it also helps me with my energy level. Here is the one I get from Amazon: Max Stress B


There you go, the best 3 natural supplements that you can take to help you burn more fat, in a natural and safe way.


The only other thing I highly recommend is drinking a good protein powder post-workout. This is what I put my glutamine and greens in. I use Prograde because it’s a good quality and its not made with artificial sweeteners and a bunch of other crap and the price is pretty good. I get it here: Prograde Protein Powder.


I also take a Multi-Vitamin and Fish Oil on a daily basis.


I get those from Prograde as well.


Ok, time to load up on the only supplements you will ever need.


I hope this helps you!


3 Supplements That Help With Fat Burning


  1. Martina on March 6, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    5 years ago I lost close to 80 lbs by eating healthy (clean eating) and working out. 7 mths ago I injured my shoulder and was unable to do any upper body workout . Since then I had gained 10 lbs. I have cut out everything from the 5 don’t eat foods list but yogurt. I have maybe 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt a day. To my morning shake I add spinach and kale and protein powder and glutamine. I workout at least 5x a week but am having trouble losing the 10 lbs. most of it around the abdomen . I do most of what is on your list . Not sure if it has to with my age as I will be 60 in theee months. I am determined to be at my optimum health and look my absolute best by my 60th birthday.

    • Michelle Marie Fit on March 9, 2016 at 4:11 pm

      That is amazing Martina, good for you. Keep doing what you are doing and you will get there. Consistency of doing the right thing will get you results. You may also want to check out what is going on hormonally. If your cortisol levels are off or thyroid etc. Make sure you get enough hours of sleep and that you hydrate enough. Keep it up.